Best thing to do on a characters wakeup?



Right so I know how good scoring a knockdown in this game is **ESPECIALLY ** as Dudley but there are moments when I feel like I am at a disadvantage. Here are some examples.

What do I do when somebody wake up SRK me? = This should be obvious right? Block,bait it or just simply stay at FHP range to punish it however…

What to do when someone back dashes? = Of course you should punish it right? However when you have the fear of being wakeup SRK I find that there is 0 way to punish it unless you see it coming

Wake up throw? = If you think they will back dash and all of a sudden you end up on the corner then its really hard to counter this unless you see it coming or be on pokes reach.

This is my dilemma and any help will be appreciated!


Watch level 2 Okizeme, and learn from smug with delayed crouch tech.


Do you play online or off-line?