Best things to do in a "stalemate"

I main vega and i find this happening to me alot more lately; lets say im fighting a bison and the match just began. I move foward and back try to confuse him a bit then i get hit with a scisors kick and i didnt react fast enuf to block.

What are my options to prevent something like this.

… Um, this isn’t a “stalemate”, it’s you not being able to anticipate your opponent’s move.

Playstyles are unique to each and every person, but I can tell you from main-ing Bison myself that mixup is the name of his game. He thrives on throwing you for a loop, doing the unexpected and quickly. Your little “walk back and forth” maneuver might render his Head Stomp rather useless so what are his other options? Scissor Kick is a pretty obvious choice…

Of course, you main Vega who also has decent mixup potential. SFIV is a lot less about footsies than, say, 3S, so dancing around in place won’t do much. Utilize your moves, utilize your ability to be all over the board at once, and try to confuse your opponent by switching up your tactics.

That isn’t a stalemate, that’s lack of anticipation.

You should realize from playing Vega that he often doesn’t need to move back and fourth to try to scope. A safer option is wall dive feints.

Do something other than dancing around.

I’m serious too.

Vega (Claw) has quite a bit of things you can do to start the round. Just don’t stand around trying to bait a hit because it seems like you can’t really react to that too well. You wanted him to do something and well… he did it right? You put a quarter in, you hit the button, soda comes out.

I think some of you guys might have taken me moving back and fourth a little too srsly but yea this has been great help, i was never too big a fan of wall dive feints tho =/

well there’s your problem

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This is your problem, it’s a very effective tactic of Vega’s especially if you’re not 100% comfortable with the back-forth malarky because it can leave you horribly open if you’re not quick enough to dash back as needed.
I used to get the problem when I first started playing Bison, I figured after that that Devil reverse works as pretty much a scoping tool and bait tactic and it’s not much different for Vega’s wall feints.

ok then ill be sure to try it out more often then =)