Best Time for Everyone to Come See the Venue?

I’d really like as many people as possible to come check out the venue because its really impressive, and I think it will really help everyone get a picture of what the tournament will be like. I know Frank is interested in filming for the documentary, and if a lot of us made it down on the same day to see it, it would make for a pretty cool scene in the video.

Anyone who is even vaugely interested in seeing the venue first hand, please post up the time that is best for you.

Saturday is available to go check it out if anyone is free, otherwise we can schedule sometime further out. Whatever works. We may even be able to go check it out multiple times if not everyone can make it.

Post up if your interested. :woot:

Forgive my newness… which tournament and venue are you referring to here?

Saturdays are a no-go for me, as usual.

Kendrik, it’s for our northwest major that will be happening later this year.

Brent saturday is great for me, I’ll be heading to tacoma to drop my brother off. What time is good for you?

I will call the venue tommorow to find out the best time for us to come check it out. I think around 12 or later is probably best, but anytime will work for me. I’ll let you know what time they can open up for us.

…Yep. I’m definitely new to have missed that. Thanks for the answer.

Now that the venue is reserved, I’d still really like people to come down and see whats its like.

Frank is going to use it as a filming opportunity for the documentary, so the more people we can get to come down, the better it will be.

I’m going to call on Monday to set a viewing date, so post up whatever time is best for you and I’ll try to pick one everyone can go to.