Best tool to drill 30mm hole in Namco Stick


what would be the best tool to drill out two extra buttons in the Namco stick? Effectively making it 8 buttons.

I plan to replace all buttons with concave Suzo-Happ pushbuttons.


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The best tool in this case, considering what you want as an end result, would be a sledgehammer.
A hydraulic press would also work if you had access to one.



rent a hand drill from your hardware store and buy a 30 mm hole saw online, whole thing will cost you like $20

a dremel could do it if you can borrow one and want to be ultra cheap, but can’t promise it’ll give you perfect holes

drill press would be best but if you had one you probably wouldn’t be asking this question cause it’s obv the way to go

dunno where you’re gonna find space for these buttons though.


This is how

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I’d personnaly use Zangief.


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MvC2 Megaman recommends the Stark Industries Proton Cannon:


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Please do not do this to the Namco stick. Go find yourself a Hori Fighting Stick PS or something.


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Your endgame must be Authentic PS1
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But also, no need for joysticks today when you hit your box, and have more buttons. 1 more button than this guy, you will have the advantage.

Don’t be a drilldozer, and order a new panel to achieve your dreams. Here’s a template for todays gamer on the go and the demands of the FGC, FightingGamesonCapcomunity

Why stop at 5 fingers, this layout said. Or palm strikes, with 8 buttons you can now double palm strike!


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30mm happ? im sure they’re 28mm

anyone who knows what a namco is, and posts in tech talk knows what he/she is doing mod-wise

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But I had three namcos and decided to mod one with just some sanwa buttons and a spare ps360 board I had laying around. Halfway through I wanted to shoot myself in the face. Mostly due to how hard it is from lack of space in those things. Came out great but still. Just don’t.