Best Tournament Character


Imagine this situation…
You have only 5 weeks to train.
You aren’t very good to begin with but you can beat most ‘scrubs’.
Your execution is about 3-4/10.
Except for a few possible veterans the competition will be ‘bad’ for the most part.

Who do you pick?


Whoever you’ve been picking since you started playing of course. Dumping everything you already know to try and cram session a new character for one specific tournament seems like a poor idea. Truly learning a new character will in all likelihood take longer than a month and a half I’d think.


I stopped playing for a few months though and basically forgot everything with the character I played. As you can see from my profile picture… I used to play Sakura but she only led me to believe I was improving due to gimmicks and her burst damage. Ever since I have been in a sporadic character crisis.


I use whoever I am best at…and get better at said character.


What if your not really best at anyone? Who would you pick if you had to start over?


Pick Fei-long. Easy to play, great footsies and your game plan most of the time is just to push your opponent to the corner and control space. Arguably the best ground game out of all the characters and not many real bad match-ups. Also great wake-up options and easy’ish combos. Simple and effective tactics like buffering rekka from jabs; st. LP canceled into command throw in the corner; controlling space with LP Rekka; and good high-low mix-up since he has a chainable cr. LK and one of the best overheads in the game.

Probably the most “pick up and play” character in the game. Just look at a few matches from Fuudo, Gackt, Mago and Momi from youtube and play him for a couple of weeks and you should be able to compete at your local tournaments.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy to win with him but he is definitely the easiest to pick-up because he’s just so solid through and through.

Other choices are Honda, Adon and Balrog. I think all of these are harder to use effectively than Fei-long though since they have certain things you need to learn that are harder execution-wise, except maybe Balrog. Adon has instant-air jaguar kick which will take a lot of practice to do consistently and with Honda you need to learn how to do Hundred handslap-combos which requires a lot of practice as well.


In that case…pick a top tier character.


I dabbled with fei over the past week and was winning matches I shouldn’t have based on his buttons alone. However his bnb x2 link cr.lp into rekka’s is way too hard too pull of consistently. If this wasn’t totally necessary then I would definitely use him full time


Try cr. lk, st. lp, cr. lp xx Rekkas. It’s a two frame link, but it whiffs against some crouching characters. Also cr. MP, cr. LP works as well and for more damage.

IMO Fei-long has such a strong neutral game that he can do enough damage even if you’re not consistent with cr. lk x2, cr. lp.


I can do that no problem at all its the link I mentioned before I can only do 3/10 times. The shit thing is the combo you mentioned seems to whiff on the most common characters. I may give it a go though to see whether or not I can make him work with sub par execution.


Yeah it whiffs on a lot of crouchers, but it’s still a good combo and if you go from cr. LK to st. LP with a hadouken motion it’s an option select rekka so it catches an opponent backdashing.

It’s good to try and train to get cr. lk, cr. lp link to work but it isn’t absolutely necessary for playing him. It’s something you’ll eventually learn but for now I think you’ll be fine if you can’t do it yet, but it is something you’ll need to learn if you want to play him to his maximum potential.

I just don’t think you’ll be able to play any character to their maximum potential in such a short time and that’s why I think playing him is your best choice for now.


That’s a 3 frame link (in AE '11 it even was 4 frames).


Cammy because every matchup is almost 7-3, but I’m not referring to characters, I’m referring to “OMG F DIS BIATCH!”

If you say bad execution, I’d say Fei (if you can jab Rekka), or Bison. I feel Bison lacks against top players but hey, if you can play footsies well, that’s 50% of the job done already. Guile may be a possible choice too.


Guile or Ryu since Ive been maining them since SF2 and still play them better in SF4 than any of my mains here lol


Holy crap you’re right. I guess that was the reason why it was so ridiculously easy to hit-confirm from a single jab in AE.


Balrog! Easy combos, high damage, high HP, great footsies, best jab in the game. And he’s awesome.


Some people would advise this, but I would say, just stay with your main and try to get better with him.


shakes head while locking the door