Best turtle character

What character would be the best turtle character? My goal is to make the match time out. Thanks.

I can’t remember the name, nor the game for that matter, but I think it is Troll something or other.

For real, im not trolling.

There is no game listed.

What game are you talking about?

SSF4 srry

I like Leonardo in TMNT:TiT. I’d say he’s the best turtle character.


I prefer Michelangelo myself :cool:

Guile, Dhalsim, Chun Li, Honda

Dhalsim is THE best turtle character.

Smoke you are hilarious. I loved that game!

Oh and DH, Honda/Guile IMO

Getting in on a good turtling Honda is like trying to break down a brick wall with your fists.

Guile and Dhalsim are also fantastic.

you, my good sir, are the first man to make me laugh very hard in quite a while.

Anyway, in SSF4. Pick Blanka 0.o


Definitely Dhalsim. I fear those stretchy arms!

Raphael, I believe.

A good sim, guile, chun, or honda

guile of chun are the 2 best turtlers.

honda is the best turtle.