Best tv technology for 2d fighters

lol wtf is that supposed to mean?


Straight RGB is best, I recently found a 19 inch RGB JVC monitor (weighs like 70 pounds) and Altought I have yet to wire it, it does work and Iit will become my dedicated JAMMA monitor as well. Nothing beats RGB for gaming. PERIOD!

My new 50 inch Sony SXRD has no lag at all. Pure bliss. 1080i.

That Monivision Monitor is a suggestion that you gave me to drool over as a replacement TV. I love SRK, we’re so hardcore when it comes to our video games :). I would like to save up for either the 34" or the 38" monitor :slight_smile:

The Monivision monitor supports 480i, 480p, 1080i, and 720p all natively but unfortunately the monitor itself is supposed to be pretty low build quality. First of all, to get Component/S-Video inputs for it, you have to attach an external box which is supposed to be quite shoddy and seems to be the root of many of the monitor’s problems. By itself it only takes a VGA signal which doesn’t do you much good for game systems.

Secondly, the monitor seems to just break/die out after a year or two. Do a search for it on AVSForum and you’ll see what I mean.

Was something I considered too until I saw how many complaints there were about it. I think the best solution is to get a consumer model HDTV with 480p/1080i support and then have an XRGB-2 or other similar product to get a 480p signal from your 480i only consoles.

We tried other resolutions agains to see if it was because of the scan converter inside of it. 480p still lags 960i seems quicker, but still lags. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think that HD without all of the signal processing is going to be near impossible without spending a lot more cash than you hoped for. It still wasn’t as fast as an LD-100. I’ll try to think of more ways to get it faster, but it’s not looking good.

Amen to that. I’ve yet to see a 2D fighter look better on any whiz-bang hires hidef panel out there compared with the goold old reliable arcade monitor.

So a 480p SOURCE still lags? And by 960i, do you mean a 480i source with the Sony’s internal scaler working? Which Sony HDTV do you own, and finally, what benchmark are you using to test for lag?

The Micomsoft X-Select D4 would be perfect for that Monivision display, as it accepts D-Terminal, Component, 15-pin RGB and 21-pin RGB inputs, and it outputs D-Video (YPbPr) and 15-pin RGB. It supports interlaced signals as well as progressive scan.

I have a 28 inch Panasonic tv that looks remarkably like this. It is a flat screen, but isn’t a slim-line one, it uses tubes. It has really good video output as far as I’m concerened, but I was wondering what it’s truely like.|Televisions*4294966419|32.00

Could someone shed some light on this tv in regards to the topic? I’ll try and find a pic of my actuall telly, but untill I do, it looks like this, but it’s 28 inch, the stands different and mines actually 60hz.

So, in laymen’s consumer terms, what would be the biggest and best non-HDTV display for 2D fighting games?

How about the Sony 32" FD Trinitron WEGA Television KV32FS120?

Yes, any of the Non-HD Wega Televisions are EXCELLENT for fighters. Personally, I think it’s the best possible display for console fighters.