Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Bye James.

Some info of the balltop off the top of my head. It’s 35 years old. Made in Japan by a well known maker of pipes. They also do custom work for gearshifts and what not.

It came in cool little box with a piece paper describing the piece in japanese.

Sadly. The balltop isn’t 100% spherical. Very close , but not exact.

Nice pics.

You know, some of those secret santa gifts were cool. I porbably won’t participate in one because I am not good with idea for gifts.

Sell/trade your extra copy for chea[? I miss those R6 planning steps in the first one, until I realized I could solo all of the missions as Ding.

EDIT: Whoops, he doesnt have it anymore. Anyone want to go in on a two pack of Frozen Synapse?

Peoples at work also recommended Phineas and Ferb. We gave it a go on Youtube. It was not quirky enough for me. I need more stuff like Spongebob, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy. Halp!

You probably can’t play well. 4 way would not have diagonals.

Because 4-way means UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT.
Being able to move in only four directions means Donkey Kong, Pac-Man.

i can’t even do special moves… let alone anything advance…
its the Jap style… cuz even 8-jap are a pain in the ass… America just better for me…

Edit… just tried BALL top… which is why I ask about bat top :confused:
prolly one of those things I gotta try for myself

Any fun plans for the weekend James?

I have a wedding to set up tomorrow.

Cow n chicken…

I’m going to try to create the “Gummo’s Super Sexy Braided Wiring” technique, but first I must make a run to the store and acquire some Guinness. This will be a branch from “JDM’s Super Sexy Wiring” technique.

You will love Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

I want to see the braiding.

Photos of the paper included with briar top.

you should call that number and ask if its 50 years old or not

Occurred to me that 50 y/o is relative. The plant was probably 50 y/o (or more), just like someone says he’s using 100 y/o Brazilian jatoba. Doesn’t mean the burl was (air) cured/processed for all this time. Maybe it’s what they meant.


Capcom actually stated that MML3 was never fully greenlighted, months ago.

You DONT drink every time you mod?


What would you do for a Oreo Klondike bar? I’d do “Gummo’s Super Sexy Braided Wiring” for one!

So first must prep the body to be ready for such a task.

My first attempt at GSSBW.

Lets close this stick up so I can get my treat.

Everything is a go. Ready to be sold.

Treat time!


HAHA! Damn it Mat! Straighten the lines!!! Nice job brother :party::party:

Good call. I also like the crazy ethernet wiring.