Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

It’s not even about the manhood, it’s about a bunch of badly written books done with little or no research into Vampire mythology done as blatant allegory for Mormon values getting more attention than they deserve.

But are they truly outrageous?

P.S. WTB Montoia cosplaying as JEM.

where the heck can i get a new te stick for XBOX? madcatz gameshark store is sold out. nobody else seems to have the either?

Aw man, I got busy and had to take the family to the clinic today, completely forgot to get in on a Pud balltop this morning. :[

Link to your page? Also, did you add most of SRKTT yet?

blklightning21 joined the TeamTechTalk Plus team?? Cant find you brother… link your page like what D3V said!

Darksakul, I did not read your Sticky Thread until tonight.
Here I have typed to correct you.

Not a problem to Modders.
It is only problem for people using TEasy Strike.
It is problem because the crystal is in they way of the TEasy Strike.

But even that is not true about Rev. B Board being good.
I have a Rev. B Board that has the crystal in way of TEasy Strike.

Nope, the only PlayStation 3 TE with no problem is Chun-Li TE.
Any PlayStation 3 TE, that includes TE “S” also, will have problem.

The art doesn’t say Marvel vs. Capcom 2, it is Marvel vs. Capcom.

The PCB is not modified.
All the signals are still same place as other TE.

It is the Turbo Panel that is different.
So that the Turbo LED can light accordingly.

It is same as TE “S”, not Round 2 TE.

We refer to the art size as Full.
Because arthong makes Custom Acrylic Panel in Regular, Extended and Full.

HRAP EX actually has Universal Mounting Bracket.
So there is no problem with Seimitsu Joysticks.

There is no Mirror Top.
That is for the very first HRAP for PlayStation 2.

The HRAP 3 SA can be accessed from the top.
The PCB is Common Ground.

Only the HRAP ver.B has problem with Seimitsu Joystick.

No, the Buttons are not HORI.
Because HRAP V3/VX only released as SA and SE versions.

The Buttons are not soldered to PCB.
They are connected to Quick Disconnect.

HORI Fighting Stick V3/VX though, yes, they are HORI Buttons.
The Buttons are soldered to PCB, yes.

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I’m personally hoping Juicebox picks Kuma up, just to see how he dances this in tournaments.

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Oof - get being corrected, D! :slight_smile:

Mandatory Twilight link!

Thanks. I think :sweat:

If all that info is wrong I guess my sources are wrong too, ether way that was way too big of a project for someone to get all the information 100% correct.

I though the Blazblue has the round 1/2 PCB not the TE-S PCB, also it has those side wings.

I did not know about the Teasy install on the PCB.

My bad, I keep forgetting to add officers to take over since I’m almost never on. I’ll do that tonight I promise.

OK so I was asked to do the Power Up Podcast, which should be posted some time this week. If you guys listen to it, and I make any wrong statements or blatantly forget people I apologize wayyy in advance, first real interview ever so it’s definitely not great, lol. I also tend to ramble it seems :confused:

I tried to point people interested in anything tech towards this section, and I thought about it after but I should have used the opportunity to slam the hell out of DSP’s faux modding. In any case, I’ve told Osirun that if he wants tech perspectives on products/whatever to get more of us on for that so that people can get the real deal on what to look for, etc. He said he loves repeat guests, so perhaps he may ask me back with others for a group interview type thing.

No, please, no. Pointing out people who make trolling a career doesn’t help anyone but them. Hype the stuff you make, the kind of stuff Tech Talk does, hype the hell out of SFJ, point out the amazing craftsmanship put out by the builders here, everything. We make cool shit, and we make shit cool. Anyone who does niether shouldn’t be in your thoughts at all.

Wiser words have yet to be spoken.

I have one if you need me to open it up and find out

Very true, glad I was too busy hyping up our stuff to really think about it in the moment. And damn me to hell, I completely forgot to hype up SFJ…that would have been gold, ugh…

Note to self, make a checklist of things to make mention of next time so I’m not winging it entirely.

Sure. Look over your Blazblue TE, and compare it to my guide, let me know if there any differences or changes that needs to be made.

Big problem is out of all those sticks listed I only tried out a select few, and not too many people can honestly say they tried all of those sticks.
So I am stuck going off reviews and forum post, which sometimes have incorrect or misquoted info.
But it was a large undertaking and required someone to tackle it all. I was brave/foolish enough to take on such a task.

I know I’ve gone through a large majority of those sticks listed.