Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V





Yep. I know it’s evil. I have a half-dozen sticks surrounding my desk and none of them have pink or purple buttons. No anime art either (for shame!) I’m hoping to rock the HSS with my boy. I could be wrong but I don’t imagine him wanting to sit on the ‘pink side.’

Rest assured that I’ll keep the stock buttons if for some god forsaken reason I needed to sell it.


So I was on eTokki the other day and I noticed they sold JLF shaft extenders. I’ve always disliked how short the shafts were but have never tried to improperly mount them to fix it. They even make some to go with JLFs that use shaft covers.


This might actually make me give J-sticks another go-round.


I like how yellow buttons look (look at the Namco Arcade Joystick after all!) but trying to match it up to blue would look all kinds of silly if you kept the yellow start buttons. It’ll look extremely Christmas like, but putting red on the P1 and green on the P2 side would look pretty sweet. And red P1, blue P2 doesn’t look THAT funky to be honest; it’s a high contrast color scheme which I suppose in theory would look ugly, but high contrast color schemes look damn nice; it’s the reason the original Astro City Green/Pink scheme looks sweet and why I feel that if Seimitsu made purple buttons (they really should), Red/Purple would look pretty damn nice. But, since you’re limited to just Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink, that’s clearly not a choice. Either way, I really don’t recommend going with yellow action buttons unless you plan on changing out the color of the yellow Start buttons. It would mess up congruity. I like the idea of putting black on there somewhere, so perhaps maybe get a set of black rim, white plunger buttons for the P2 side and black rim, blue plungers for the P1 side?

Actually, using an arcade stick would be a pretty cool way to teach your son that certain colors that are considered “girly” aren’t really that unmanly at all. Hell, my own top 3 favorite colors are white, purple, and yellow in that order, with pink a very damn close runner up. Colors aren’t weren’t ever meant to have any gender bias; that’s just a stupid ploy invented by salesmen throughout the centuries. Colors exist to appeal to the eye. Otherwise, we’d be color blind and be living a dog’s life in shades of grays. Flowers attract honey bees and other beneficial insects through two ways, one through the scent they emit and their shape, but also through the color tone. It’s the same deal as to how hard candies appeal to kids who’ve never eaten them before; they look pretty and their eyes react to certain tones of colors. No gender bias at all; it’s just something meant to attract the eyes of human and animal species alike.

You used to watch Street Sharks didn’t you? :lol:

I’m tempted to give those shaft extenders a go as well since I’m curious as to how it would feel NOT to bust my knuckles on the control panel playing on a JLF. :lol:


What about Green P1, Yellow P2, Pink Start/Select? I think it would work without deviating from the original color scheme. I think that’s what I’m going to do. Thanks for listening to me ramble. This wouldn’t even be necessary if I wasn’t so obsessed with the PS-14-G.


Could care less about the anime art. But I’m a sucker for them arcade authenticity, spending 15 years with Sega candy cabs will do that to you.


Like this?


Yay, exactly like that! Thanks for the picture. My tax return came in today so I think I’ll grab a pair of meshballs as well. :lol:

Edit: Green and yellow it is. I just put in a big order at AkihabaraShop. Be on the lookout for a stick sale from me. I’ve got to clear out some of my goodies to pay for all this.


Blasted Wii to VGA cable didn’t work for crap… picture kept going out for 2-3 seconds at a time.

I’m not paying $180 for a blasted VGA box. I’d sooner buy a new monitor.

Gonna keep shopping around some, and I’ll crawl through threads here to see what I can find.


Just read through the rest of the thread… is this just stick talk or ANY kind of technical chit-chat? My apologies if it’s just stick talk.


I think is Tech Talk, its just that sticks are a common topic =D


Soldering irons get hot!

…and burning flesh smells like pork.


Well, I finished re-wiring my HRAP EX-SE. I previously had a JLF-TM-8 installed in it and decided to put the LS-32 back into it since I just finished buying a Madcatz MvC TE. Now I have a Seimitsu stick for Shmups and a Sanwa stick for fighting games.

I bought the spools of 18 gauge wire, terminal strip, .187 quick disconnects and zip ties at a local Radio Shack shop for less than 15 bucks. If I would’ve ordered them online at like Lizard Lick or it would’ve been a bit more expensive PLUS I would’ve had to wait for it in the mail. Local Radio Shack shop FTW!

I also took off the plastic film that was on top of the HRAP EX-SE control panel and now its a matte black finish, it gets dirty easily though. My next investment will be a black or mirror plexi for my HRAP with SNK 4 button layout. If Nareg ever gets Black on Black Seimitsu PS-15-GNC buttons I’ll be getting 4 of those for my plexi along with a black meshball too.


And I was about to recommend going for blue since there was already someone who did yellow.



I have used the VDigi Wii -> VGA cable on a few different monitors without issues… just throwin’ that out there. It’s the only one I’ve used though.


the JLF ultimate mod is stupid… there i said it.

i must be the only person in this earth who thinks it’s dumb to put tape on the acutator and insert paper into your microswitches.


I used something similar with no luck. the one I used didn’t have dipswitches on it though, so that very well might work. I went ahead and ordered a High-box though, since Luckyday recommended it and I can use my PS2 with it as well. Thanks for the recommendation, though.


Nah man you aren;t the only one, I agree with you. The JLF is perfect in every way. Modding the JLF with extra springs, paper in microswitches, andputting tape on the actuator is stupid and just ruins the perfection of it all.

Only mod(s) I will do to a JLF is…

Put an LS-40 shaft cover on it, stretch out the stock JLF spring (this actually makes it feel a bit stiffer and good at the same time, NO HOMO! :lol:) and I’ll use an octo-gate. Thats about all I’d mod on a JLF.


Meh, all stock JLF is perfect for fighters.


Stock JLF is the Best JLF.

Although I just use a regular HORI Fighting Stick EX2.
So Hori Joystick and Hori Buttons!


I’ve got the money to buy a new JLF and buttons for my new TvC FightStick, but I’m going to wait a week for when I get my income tax return to place a large order for all the parts I’ll need for this and the two sticks I need to finish for my kids.

I tried using the stock stick, but it’s just not doing it for me.

No, you’re not the only one.