Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Yep, all models (MVS, AES, CD) can be modified in various ways. The difficulty ranges from a single soldered wire or snipped resistor to installing a new BIOS chip.

If you’re interested in the Neo hardware then it’s well worth looking up.

My short list I’m after consists of Gunstar Heroes, Road Rash 3, Shinobi 3, Streets of Rage 2 - none of which are especially high on eBay. Don’t make a trip for me but if you happen to stop by let me know. :tup:

So guys, spitball with me here for a second: I have a bit of a static electricity problem, and want ideas on how to solve it.

I work IT, so my day consists of sitting at a desk taking e-mails and phone calls, going to users to assist with their problems, migrating and imaging machines, and repairing/replacing hardware as it breaks (it pays the bills). The “IT Lab” (or “Cave” as we call it) is one of the IDF’s (think of it as a server closet, but just for networking gear and patch panels to distribute network/phone connectivity from the MDF, or main server closet); it’s kept chilly, and fairly dry. Wood desk, plastic keyboard, plastic laptop, tile floor, surrounded by computers and other equipment (the racks are literally 5’ behind my desk). We lock ourselves in here so we can get work done.

My problem is that I quickly and consistently build up static electricity sitting at my desk. This is not a common problem for me anywhere else in my daily life (I rarely get shocked by my car door, for instance), but something about the environment is… electrifying. (Sorry for the pun.) When I say “quickly and consistently” I mean within 5 minutes of sitting at my desk, the next time I touch a grounded surface (certain parts of certain laptops when plugged in, the electrically controlled doorknob, a bench leg, or even certain freestanding pieces like a cart or a metal cabinet), I will get shocked (without fail). Ten minutes at my desk? The arc will get big enough that you can hear it across the room, and painful enough that it’ll turn my finger/thumb numb for a short time. Don’t know what exactly is causing this problem; I suspect it’s a combination of elements in the environment and myself, as my co-worker who sits in the Cave about 10’ away doesn’t experience this at all. I have to make a conscious effort to ground myself as I start a repair, as to not damage company property.

TL;DR: I get shocked like a mofo every time I need to leave my desk at work.

So, being an engineer at heart (and not a huge fan of pain), I’ve started to try to lessen the problem. As I approach the door out, I knock the handle with my elbow (arc doesn’t hurt nearly as much there as it does on my finger), and make an effort to prop an elbow on exposed metal from one of the power supplies at my desk whenever I can (to keep myself grounded). I move around too much to get one of those highly-mock-able grounding bracelets, though I’ve been tempted, and I doubt my work will pay for any solution I come up with (my boss derives FAR too much entertainment from this whole situation to help it go away). Best thought I’ve come up with is to source ground from a power strip, and put a piece of metal on the desk where my arms rest while I work/type, but that’s only slightly less janky than leaning on the exposed end of a barrel jack as I do right now. Any thoughts?

ok. coolio. gonna trade in some games sooner or later so i will keep an eye out.


this actually happened a lot (daily) to me at my previous job (desk job in an accounting dept)
what i found out was it was the kind of shoe i was wearing

yeah weird eh?

I wear 2 different pairs to work and one pair consistently gives me static shocks.

Try wearing another pair of shoes, maybe that’ll do the trick.

haha you wearing diffrent kinds of clothing? I know its getting cold in most parts of the country… it could be an item of clothing that you are now wearing… it could be your shoes like Mort. said… worn shoes have more space that can help create static discharge just due to the fact that theres enough room in there for your socks to help spark you up…

Thought about shoes, probably going to test changing those up to see if it makes a difference; it very well could, which is too bad, because I really like these shoes. I live in San Diego, the land of no weather whatsoever, and this has been consistent since I started at this position almost 6 months ago. It’s actually legitimately funny for the 99% of the time it’s not causing me direct, physical pain. XD

Excellent! Maybe someday I’ll have a webstore like that with… more than 1 item!

With a solid week off work I can finally get some rest. At least until 2:00 when the kids come home. I managed to accumulate 131 hours of leave I have to use or lose by 12/31. Watch me not take advantage of this time off too…

I’ve toyed with the idea of building a computer either from scratch or as a barebones kit, but I just never got around to it. For one, I don’t really do much on the desktop that a standard off the rack desktop from microcenter won’t work just as well for (no gaming, not too much photoshop), and cheaper to boot. It would be more to say I did it than anything else, and I haven’t quite got to the point that it would be worth it. I think if I did build one, I’d take the computer I have in the basement (4gb, AMD 64 x2 setup), wipe it clean and give it to my wife (to replace her decrepit P4 (once I install a quieter cooling fan; this shit annoys me) and build a better one for myself. I toyed with building her a Fusion based system (since that’s all she will ever need) but figured what I’m using now would be better than that, so building something less powerful would be hustling backwards. Still on the fence on going i5 or something AMD based. Time will tell.

One thing I am going to do while I’m off is get parts for my ceramic smoker. It may be getting cold, but I grill year round, and some good slow cooked ribs can be done in the snow if it comes down to it. It’s a bit crazy (so is Alton Brown), but if you know how much a Big Green Egg costs,well, you’ll understand

lolll dev, i mentioned the infraction to my girlfriend and she thought that meant a ban and she was so pleased. “now you won’t waste your time on that stupid website anymore!”

Be like Lain in Serial Experiment Lain and hack naked. Kidding
Technically being nude on the computer would help with static but seriously it is at work so its a no go.

Lets see Cool and dry room, tiled floor, Wooden desk.

Did you try one of those big anti-static ground mats used for Electronics/ PC repair on the top surface of your desk?
Also a second mat at your feet would not hurt. And unlike a metal strip the anti-static mat is not unsightly and is not as cold to the touch.

Also Do you wear alot of sweaters/ sweat shirts at work to stay warm? They could also be a source of static.

I like that anti-static mat idea; I’ll probably order that, and bring it home to use as a work surface for my soldering bench when I term at this position.

As for my outfit, it’s slacks and polos for me. Never wear jackets, as I actually prefer it a little chilly so the cave is a nice temperature for me (around 68F; I know, I shouldn’t live in San Diego).

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