Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V


I used something similar with no luck. the one I used didn’t have dipswitches on it though, so that very well might work. I went ahead and ordered a High-box though, since Luckyday recommended it and I can use my PS2 with it as well. Thanks for the recommendation, though.


Nah man you aren;t the only one, I agree with you. The JLF is perfect in every way. Modding the JLF with extra springs, paper in microswitches, andputting tape on the actuator is stupid and just ruins the perfection of it all.

Only mod(s) I will do to a JLF is…

Put an LS-40 shaft cover on it, stretch out the stock JLF spring (this actually makes it feel a bit stiffer and good at the same time, NO HOMO! :lol:) and I’ll use an octo-gate. Thats about all I’d mod on a JLF.


Meh, all stock JLF is perfect for fighters.


Stock JLF is the Best JLF.

Although I just use a regular HORI Fighting Stick EX2.
So Hori Joystick and Hori Buttons!


I’ve got the money to buy a new JLF and buttons for my new TvC FightStick, but I’m going to wait a week for when I get my income tax return to place a large order for all the parts I’ll need for this and the two sticks I need to finish for my kids.

I tried using the stock stick, but it’s just not doing it for me.

No, you’re not the only one.


I’ve had two good soldering iron burns. My last one hurt for days. I’m much more aware of the iron now.

I think I made the right choice. Yellow looks very nice for 2P.

You’re not. Putting tape on the actuator is silly.


Going out stick hunting this afternoon.


You are only repeating what I said.


You implied stretching the stock spring and putting an octogonal restrictor on it, that’s not the definition of all stock.


I’ll assume you’re from Manila area correct? Do sticks just pop up in Japanese ‘surplus’ stores? I’m trying my luck here in Cebu and they never have sticks…The coolest thing I saw was a Kendo set with a shinai!

EDIT: Also, interesting to see Sanwa is selling white-rimmed OSBF-30’s now.


Looking at the other Seimitsu sticks on the market, what is the difference between a LS-40-01 and a LS-56-01.

How do they compare to the LS-32-01?

Firmer, softer, etc.


Round ls32 subguide? I’ve only seen the round main guides. Is this new or have I never just seen it?


My friend down in Japan found an snk SCB-U4 cabinet in japan. He said it was selling for somewhere 100-200 USD (i dunno how many yen) with the monitor and the original cp. he sent me pictures of the cabinet, and I was pretty impressed by it. but the original control panel disgusts me, and it also disgusts m h9omeboy. so i jus need to know what 2P control panels are compatible with the SCB-U4.


You just never saw it before now.
Not new.


nah man. i did some research, i do realize that this cab is old as fuck. but, we are getting the cabinet in good condition. i just need to find out what control panels are suitable for this cab. we be using it for an mvs cab anyways because we got fuck loads of mvs games.


My Post was a reply to brighenne.
Don’t you see that your Post and mine are at same time?


Just checking the malls that are known for having electronics (V-Mall, Shopsville). As of late, lots of stores are now carrying HRAP3s (plain and T6 variant), whereas a year ago, the only sticks you could find were crappy budget sticks.

As for my “hunt” didn’t buy anything though. Was looking for a stick for the Wii but couldn’t find any. Right now I’m thinking of getting a HRAP 2 instead (since I’ve always wanted to do a mini Versus City type deal) and using converters for PS3 and Wii.

Almost forgot, I was surprised that the arcade in V-Mall had 2 giant Capcom cabs that I didn’t recognize (running Soul Cal 3 and NGBC). Turned out they were CAV 2 00B 60s. I was genuinely surprised since I had assumed that Megalo 50s and Super Megalo 2s were the only large arcade cabs in the country.


seimitsu clear buttons along with its light up mods are extremely overrated.

i understand the aesthetic value, but why sacrifice performance for looks? that never makes sense to me.

maybe i’m just biased against the clear buttons as i personally think they’re crap. i can’t do standing mk into handslaps with gen without scrapping off the skin on my finger.


Just because you can’t doesn’t mean other people can’t. I can do anything on either set of buttons(without scraping my fingers off), but I just find seimitsu to be a lot more comfortable for me personally. I’ve got big, heavy hands though, so I personally like the extra resistance.


i can do mk xx hands on those clear buttons too or pretty much any type of buttons (maybe except for happ ultimates), but i’ll need like a band aid or something to prevent scraping my skin