Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V


Looking at the other Seimitsu sticks on the market, what is the difference between a LS-40-01 and a LS-56-01.

How do they compare to the LS-32-01?

Firmer, softer, etc.


Round ls32 subguide? I’ve only seen the round main guides. Is this new or have I never just seen it?


My friend down in Japan found an snk SCB-U4 cabinet in japan. He said it was selling for somewhere 100-200 USD (i dunno how many yen) with the monitor and the original cp. he sent me pictures of the cabinet, and I was pretty impressed by it. but the original control panel disgusts me, and it also disgusts m h9omeboy. so i jus need to know what 2P control panels are compatible with the SCB-U4.


You just never saw it before now.
Not new.


nah man. i did some research, i do realize that this cab is old as fuck. but, we are getting the cabinet in good condition. i just need to find out what control panels are suitable for this cab. we be using it for an mvs cab anyways because we got fuck loads of mvs games.


My Post was a reply to brighenne.
Don’t you see that your Post and mine are at same time?


Just checking the malls that are known for having electronics (V-Mall, Shopsville). As of late, lots of stores are now carrying HRAP3s (plain and T6 variant), whereas a year ago, the only sticks you could find were crappy budget sticks.

As for my “hunt” didn’t buy anything though. Was looking for a stick for the Wii but couldn’t find any. Right now I’m thinking of getting a HRAP 2 instead (since I’ve always wanted to do a mini Versus City type deal) and using converters for PS3 and Wii.

Almost forgot, I was surprised that the arcade in V-Mall had 2 giant Capcom cabs that I didn’t recognize (running Soul Cal 3 and NGBC). Turned out they were CAV 2 00B 60s. I was genuinely surprised since I had assumed that Megalo 50s and Super Megalo 2s were the only large arcade cabs in the country.


seimitsu clear buttons along with its light up mods are extremely overrated.

i understand the aesthetic value, but why sacrifice performance for looks? that never makes sense to me.

maybe i’m just biased against the clear buttons as i personally think they’re crap. i can’t do standing mk into handslaps with gen without scrapping off the skin on my finger.


Just because you can’t doesn’t mean other people can’t. I can do anything on either set of buttons(without scraping my fingers off), but I just find seimitsu to be a lot more comfortable for me personally. I’ve got big, heavy hands though, so I personally like the extra resistance.


i can do mk xx hands on those clear buttons too or pretty much any type of buttons (maybe except for happ ultimates), but i’ll need like a band aid or something to prevent scraping my skin


I’ve got a definite preference for Sanwas. Buttons with extra resistance just feel stiff and unresponsive to me.


To quote rtdzign:

“Seimitsu is only for manly men who have too much power in their button presses. Men who use Seimitsu tend to be the men that open jars for the girlie Sanwa men. Real men like us also like to crack open pistachios that have no crack in them with only two fingers.”



So Mad Catz hates me. On my MvC2 TE the Seimitsu Joystick mounting bracket doesn’t have the hole drilled like my SE. YAY


Seimitsus are for drunks with shaky hands without the wherewithal to avoid pressing buttons they didn’t mean to press, but who are too girly to step up to manly Happ buttons.


Happ buttons aren’t manly, they are for cheap bastards, what do you expect from microswitched buttons. The whole debate between Sanwa’s sensitive SW-68 switch versus Seimitsu’s switches is retarded. TBH, I love both and I would prefer them any day over microswitched buttons. Momentary contact buttons ftw.


So I bought an NES Max Controller at swap meet for $5 yesterday.

I clean it today.
Took it apart.

Placed into nail polish remover.
And now the plastic eaten. :sad:

I’m so sad.

I can use the Cable for Multi-Console Cthulhu.
And the PCB for Turbo B and Turbo B.
But that is all.


Poor jdm. I would send you one if I had it. What was the nail polish remover supposed to do? Clean it?


Oh man jdm714, that’s awful! I recommend you try getting yourself a bottle of Goo Gone to get rid of any grime you might need to remove. One 8 fluid ounce bottle lasts a LONG time, I’m telling ya! I’ve used that stuff to remove even the toughest adhesives. Once, i used it to remove super glue I accidentally spilled on one of my Sanwa buttons!


Acetone is active ingredient in nail polish remover.
It is a solvent to certain plastics like polystytrene you know.
That is why can dissolve stryofoam cups and packing peanuts.

I couldn’t find any alcohol, so I went for acetone.

I wanted to clean off the yucky.

I put some nail polish remover on cotton swab, then wipe on controller.
It is funny because where the liquid touched plastic, it turned lighter.

Then I placed all parts into small container of acetone!

I saw the the liquid turned slight color.
Thought it was dirt at first.

Then I saw yellow color where the red buttons were.
Then I see that the buttons were dissolving.

I have a small bottle of that somewhere.


how does putting LEDs in a button sacrifice performance?