Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

I thought all those titles were games first except for JoJo

And I want that motherfucking JL-B and 6 OBSL-30RG buttons, but we can’t always get what we want.

I never understand why Sanwa discontinued those

JB-L looks like would be great for pacman or Galaga and the OBSL-30RG I got no idea

I don’t think I need to make a new thread for this, there are enough creative minds in here to help me out.

How do I make my own dust washer? I’m fine with just drilling a hole in an ordinary household item. Just need something closer to JLW dustwasher size, but with a 10mm hole in the middle for an LS-32

Well, it’s more for P4 Ultimate Mayonnaise and Cheese but Hold the Lolis and SkullGirls.

V-ISM was awesome. I can actually play V-Cammy pretty decently.

you need to 1 figure out what material you want to use and 2 research the best ways to cut and drill the material in question
Google is your friend in this, also only use the right tools for the job.

Next time post your questions in the absolute noob thread or mods will infarct you

Hopefully somebody in here can answer this one. Nobody in the noobie gave me an answer.

Can someone tell me what type of screws these are possibly the best place to order them? I want to use them for the same mod.

Well the JL-B seems like a prototype for the JLF, if not it’s the predecessor. There is no information on the JL-B’s engage, deadzone, and throw, I’m just making assumptions.

You bring a very valid argument.

I find that your pronunciation of the word is literary correct, but in terms of anime, most people pronounce it loli as in lollipop.

Now that you mention it, it makes me wonder if I have been pronouncing it wrong too… I’d have actually see and find the word vowels for the word and see if you are correct, or visa versa.

But, we digress.

I need to start working on some art again and post them up for SRK. I haven’t done stick art in quite a while. Need to find Photoshop somewhere…

From your post on the noob thread

You did not gave us alot of info to work with and high expectations on the exact specs of the screws.
Which is the reason why no one answered you.

All I can tell you are obvious, the screws are counter sunk screws and take a flat head screw driver.
You want a smaller size screw than what you already have.

Where to buy? Any Hardware store.

That’s actually the answer I wanted thanks. :slight_smile:

So barring my wife standing outside my bank with a butcher knife on my way home, I’m going to pay for the SunGa board tonight, and it should be in my hands tomorrow.

And I’m actually free tomorrow night knock on wood so it should be installed in my Saulabi, with pictures and information by then too.

I spend 41 hours on campus this weekend. I’m so tired, but I’m done! I’m finally done! No more college after Tuesday!

Crap in two hats! I go to install UMvC3 (free gift from Capcom, alongside DR2 Off the Record and a Servbot Bobble-head) and it turns out I only have 10mb left in my 120GB. Time to upgrade then.

Clearly, you should give it away.

Yet another reason to cry for modern anime/it’s fans :frowning:

Its why I stopped watching Naruto and Bleach

its why i stopped watching anything featured in shonen jump

its also the reason why i watch idolm@ster :3

Let me change that to (almost) all Shonen Jump manga/Anime as well.
I will still watch Death Note, Dragon Bal land JoJo Bizarre adventures

Think that pisses me off most about One Piece is Nico Robbin/ Ms Sunday, or rather how 4Kids fucked up her story line.
No one knows Ms Sunday’s name, she is only known as the Alias Ms Sunday, the One Piece crew eventually learned her real first name but that was not until long after Robbin decided she can trust them all. No one else knows her name is Nico Robbin. It is like no one knows Clark Kent is Superman, Peter Parker is Spiderman or better yet the actual name of the Doctor in Dr Who. In Dr Who only 3 characters in both the original and new series knows his real name, 2 are fellow time lords, one the Doctor went to school with as a child, and Dr River Song. Fuck most fans do not know the Doctor’s name

Thats how Ms Sunday should be and is in the Manga

Mang, I was playing the iM@S arcades before it was even on consoles man. That crap was still hype back then though, and I still stuck with Chihaya from the very beginning.