Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V



also rabbit, you can try to find the god of 6 button sticks the VSHG or ask voltech to build you one
or you can mod a Fighting stick V3 and mod the parts out


Point me to this VSHG. You’ve got me interested.

Actually, I could probably build my own. I just don’t know what all is required or where to get a DIY case that doesn’t look bad.

Gharling: I think the TEs are too big. :confused:


I would totally mod a Hori V3 if you want a smallish case then. or get the VX and dualmod it one time. Should be under $200 when you’re done :slight_smile:


Then you probably won’t like the VSHG.


Is it going to be just a stick/button swap or does the PCB need to go too?


The only pcb you’d need to remove is the button board (soldered), otherwise the main PCB is common ground. Its not the hardest mod, but it does need a bit of work… The button size is 30mm so no cutting away at button holes like the older EX sticks.

check out this thread for some mods done to the stick if you’re interested NEW Hori Fighting Stick VX (360) & V3 (PS3) Thread

Mr. Mort did a really clean job on one recently :slight_smile:


Did you copy the blank save file to the cart? It needs an existing file to write to. I know it’s weird but I’ve pretty much stopped using it in favor of real carts. That and it makes a black line down the center of the screen when running over component (which does not happen on regular carts). I like the hunt and cleaning of grimey contacts for some reason. I also tend to give games more time when I’m on a single game. It reminds me of emulator ADD.


Those do look pretty good. I’ll have to look into that.

EDIT: Okay, I just ordered one. Now I just need to get some new buttons, new stick, and… what else needs to be replaced? I guess I should just read that thread.


That’s never happened to me before. I always stick with one game and play it out to the end. Guess it’s a different mindset or something.


You are a better man than I. When I get irritated with a game I’ll swap to something else. Not so much when I’ve spent money on the game. I can help by only putting a few games on a flash cart.

I’m still on a real game kick. My problem right now is that I’m getting paid well and am in a tiny ass town. Otherwise I’d be buying cabs. : \


Goddammit, I just dremeled off the callus at the tip of my finger. Chalk one up for lack of depth perception. I’m pretty irritated now; I think it’s time to call it a day.


Rent a Uhaul and make a trek for one.That’s the best way to do it.


I don’t understand. Why would you need to put it in a dual mod when its already a ps3/360 combo in one? Or are you just talking about the 360 daughterboard on its own?


The SunGa board that I got is 360 only.

The reason I got it is that it appeared like it would play nice with dual mods.


well another advantage to the board is that it’s tiny.
I would use them if I could readily get them from a domestic parts supplier.


Yeah, really, the only downside of these boards are the dual-mod issues. If I had a way to invert the boards easily, yeah, I’d be in there.

The things are smaller overall than the SE board, even with the piggybacked helper board still attached.


it’s just that the triggers need inversion, correct? Chimp would be able to handle that with zero extra work in a ps3/360 dual mod, MC Mod could be taken care of with a few resistors.
How much would one run me to get? I’d still sorta like to get my hands on one…


I think I know what could be the problem. For the Qanba I have, the resistors for the analog triggers and sticks aren’t on the 360 pcb, they are on the other pcb that does the ps3 and has all the wire harnesses. After I seperated the 360 pcb and connected it to my PC all the axis were not in their neutral position.

Perhaps the SunGa board does not have the resistors that are needed on that secondary board?


For me to get one, it’s 195 yuan, so around $33 to get it to me.

All told, for shipping to the US from there, total would be around $40? I can’t remember the quotes off hand, let me see if I can dig up my PMs I sent to Toodles for the one I sent to him.

The guy that I bought mine from really didn’t seem interested in shipping outside the country.


That’s the exact situation the board was in for me.

There is no circuitry at all on the secondary board. Basically it’s almost like Phreak’s initial TEasy, it’s only there to make hooking it up to components easier.

Shoot, if I could find a mass amount of the proper resistors and get them delivered to me here, I’d set up pre-orders for this board, and go through wiring up the resistors proper.

Would have to figure out the right places to solder to so as to not hinder someone from using the secondary board for the easy access to wiring inputs.