Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

I am about to dremle a NES for science and great justice, or that I am modding the case for a set-top emulation box.
I got my NES housing, Mini ITX Motherboard, amd cpu and ram. I just need a PSU a HDD and choose a OS.

I was just finishing watching the Avengers when he posted. I felt a disturbance in the rotational force, but didn’t think much of it at the time. When I got home I went to the beach to eat with my friends. I felt a lil nauseous, but I though it was just the salt water smell in the air. I should have known better. When I got back home I finished up the AVGN stick. I had to use my dremel to drill holes into the buttons for the leds as well as drill through the metal inside the clear balltop. That’s when the feeling from before hit me and I rushed into the BUTTHOLES to see what I missed. Low and behold the glorious Dremel was mentioned and being worshiped! All hail the one true Rotary!

Speaking of dremel, tell me that I can’t rout wood (ok, it’s not some badass hardwood)…

Okay I found out a mini ITX motherboard does not really fit a NES without heavy modifications.
Like I can’t use the same Power and Reset switches. And there not enough clearance for the stock default CPU cooler.

In the long run its better than cheaper to use a actual mini itx case instead.

So I’m at a conference, its social time and everyone is getting drunk like crazy and partying hard, as well I have had 4 beers in the last 1.5 hrs…
Is it wrong that I feel the need to mod something?

Regarding the Neutrik USB stuff…

Still not a perfect solution as the USB conection was still a bit loose, but to be honest it was more about the LED hotness.

oh man i almost forgot about this solution…

If only neutrik rj45 terminals were cheaper/easier to get…

Beer < Jack Daniels (post tournament drinking session).

As I got home from playing jubeat knit, I saw a DMC-12.
The LP# was ITMTRVL.

Naked jubeat James? Sounds much safer, no chance of the bar hitting 8-buttons when you jump. But also, no sound of “dong.”

That’s a ways different routing attachment than mine! Must check out what’s on the market.

This is the attachment piece of a dremel routing table I screwed to a piece of clear PETG for a better view while using it as a hand router.

Don’t want to ask that in the proper thread to avoid being accused of trolling, but why there are so many people being picky on the guys who won the Star Craft controller contest? Sometimes it just looks like people are cheering for their failure. The guys know the deadline. So what if they never built a stick for a customer that SRK members are aware of? Maybe they were just getting ready to start the business when the contest started and they saw the opportunity. Damn, just leave the guys alone.

EDIT: Fuck it. I posted there. Tried to be as sensitive and careful as possible.

I hate to say it, but 3D renders and promises are not a guarantee of delivery, and with nothing else to prove otherwise many of us are going to be skeptical.
I know I am very skeptical by nature and I am doubting the actual finish product this close to the end of the deadline.

One thing is to be skeptical, the other is to cheer for some else’s failure with more or less subtlety, which I’ve seen some people doing.

In my field of business deadlines are part of the process. Every single work I do has a deadline and yes, we use it to the limit. Seven days is an eternity in deadlines if you have it pretty much under control. It will be over when it’s over. We don’t know how they are handling the process neither how much daily time or how well equipped they are to get it done.

They don’t have to prove anything to anyone except to the organizers AND when the deadline is reached.

My issues with the contest is actually more with the organizers than the participants.
I want the new guy to win, I want to see him succeed. But wishful thinking doesn’t mean a hill of beans.

Perhaps there more said between the constants and the contest organizers that the thread had, but I have to be a complete fool to take anything at face value.
I take those 3D renders with a grain of salt.

I arrived in Ohio for Season’s Beatings with $18.

I left with $9.

What a weird weekend. Financially a disaster but had a goddamn blast.

Has anyone ever made or attempted to make a spring tension adjuster for arcade sticks that functions like coilovers? If you made a threaded shaft and then put nuts to lock down a custom cap for each end you’d be able to make the stick tighter or looser by just giving the spring more room.

That’s an interesting idea. Do you think it would be possible to make it able to be adjusted without having to open the case up?

If I recall the geometry of sticks right, it’s probably possible to have an adjustment nut on the stick. It’s probably easier to make an easy-open case though.