Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

I guess the better question would be, which would look better.


You could replace the glass with a sheet of plexi, then mount the buttons on there. You could make it a hitbox or use one of those detachable shafts, so that when you’re done playing you can flip the lid over.

As someone who isn’t really a fan of red paint jobs in general, I would say that metallic red and white go very well together, I would just prefer not to see it.


Wrong thread, noted.

First of all, wrong thread. Please use the Q&A thread if you have questions: Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Second, that issue is probably from your enclosure and is a serious health hazard if it is what I think it is.
It is probably not properly grounded, meaning that that feeling was the result of an electrical shock through your arm. I’d replace or at least have someone who knows electronics look at the enclosure.
See this link for why I think it is probably electrical shock:

Hmm, trying to think of ways to justify spending for one of @Toodles TE hex bolts.

What color?

seimitsu discontinues smoke ls-58

So I watched the Revel for the Xbox One. Yeah I heard that as Xbox Won, I saw what you did their Microsoft.
Still No mention about the rumor of Xbox One requiring to have Internet connectivity 24/7, if it isn’t true you think MS would try to dispel or rebuff the rumor.
The EA segment game me a bad taste in my mouth. Xbox EA exclusives? Xbox can have it.
Also Spielberg working on a Halo TV show on HBO? DAFUQ?!


That said, butteroj is already sending me some.

IMO, it would have sold better had it been easier to acquire. Having to fight the LS-32 on the portal stage, then having to wait for James’ face to come up and say “KITTY” before being able to access it is a pain.

Red the one color I am completely out of since I stopped selling TE bolts. But its cool, butteroj got your back.

Turns out that PS-to-USB adaptor I’ve used all this time for the stick had lag. So I swapped out the generic PS1 pad PCB with a generic PS3 pad pcb and now there’s about the same amount of lag as a dualshock 3 AND my plinking success rate went up by 60%. I’ve been blaming the semitsu buttons all this time. I still do. I’m finally going to get some Sanwas for once. Now I just need a piece of MDF for the bottom panel of the WIP stick and I’ll be good to go. Decided to use car paint to colour it. Wanted to try that 3M Carbon Fiber vinyl. It would’ve totally rocked a Nismo tuner car scheme, but a sparkling black metallic will do too.

I thought they commented on the connectivity thing. Something like, not always connected, but had to connect once every 24 hours?

I’ve been hearing that connectivity is not required for the console to run, but that game devs can use always-on in their games (and that it is encouraged) with Windows Azure.

XBone needs to connect once every 24 hours. Also, games get locked to a single console/xbl account.

But… what happens if it cannot connect in 24 hours? If I am somewhere with no internet connection (like the Scottish highlands) do I need to send it by courier to the nearest Starbucks to stop my console from getting bricked?

These new console promotional events are so vague it makes all the people involved with them sound like idiots.


It ruins all your pre-programmed TV recording settings and sets its manual on fire, letting gamers experience that late 20th century hell of “programming the VCR.”

I’ll wait a bit longer before passing judgment as too many of the “journalists” covering this seem to have only the faintest grasp of what journalism actually entails (hint: journalism =/= rumor mongering). That said it’s really looking like as long as the PS4 doesn’t require 24/7 internet connection, allows for used games and doesn’t dispense acid spitting scorpions at the customer that it should handily trump the X-Box One. Basically as long as Sony manages to be less hateful towards their customers they’ve got this. Not necessarily holding my breath on that front but at the road map is laid out for them.

I think PC will actually win this gen. Regardless of console sales, both “hardcore” console platforms are basically custom OS PCs. This means most of the games for them could end up being ports of the better graphics PC version.

If it turns out like that then PC will get a lot of good games and some new supporters.