Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Okay ignoring the great debate above since thats beating a dead horse with a broken Hori EX 2.

I going to need some brainstorming, so I am going to crowdsource you guys for knowledge, ideas and suggestions.
I want to tackle a troubleshooting guide. Not just a checklist of stuff you need to check if X is not working, but how to get someone started on the road of learning actual troubleshooting for themselves.

Example Troubleshooting

We all know when someone goes and say My stick/controller not working halp?
And we go though out the following List.

Stupid questions

If wired, is your controller Plugged in correctly?
If wireless, is the batteries charged or dead?
If wireless is the controller synched to the console?
Are you using a controller thats compatible with your system? You not believe how many people try to use a Xbox 360 wireless pad with a PS3.
For Xbox 360 USB cords, is the quick disconnect tail end is attached correctly.
Is the controller in the right port?
Is your system on?
Is the System getting Power?
Did you try another port?
Did you try another controller?
Did you try another system/ Console?

Tech Questions

How do you store/wrap up your system cord?
Does the controller goes on/offf as you adjust the cable?
is the system cord/usb cord attached correctly to your controller PCB?
Did you test the cord with a multi-meter or continuity tester?

I also want the guide to have the basic theory of how a controller works. A basic checklist does nothing if you do not understand the basic inner workings of a controller.
A Cleaning Controller and pad guide with Photos and so on


I agree with your list. However, I think it’s ok to ask said “stupid questions”, just not each in their own damn thread every time someone has an issue. I too find it annoying when I see the first page of TT populated by “My Stick won’t connect” or “My joystick isn’t working” threads. I think these people should have their simple questions answered, but we don’t need a new thread for each person who has that problem. I mean there is a special Q&A thread.

thats exactly what I was thinking dark… also was thinking flowcharts too… that is as simple as it gets… :slight_smile: not everything can be covered but I bet that a LOT of questions can be answered from following the troubleshooting method… will add some stuff that I think may help…

I think you misunderstood it… he would be making a one stop shop (thread) that can potentially be linked to an outside site or something put together here… a ton of threads like you mentioned would be clutter… this wouldnt be an interactive thread… just updated. It in theory (and correct me dark if I am off) is it would be the first place to go if you have a problem… if the content does not solve your issue… then Q+A could be used


Ah, I see what you’re saying. Well that would definitely be a step in a good direction.

Honestly, once you get past the stupid questions the next question should be “do you own a multimeter?” And if the answer to that one is no, the flow chart goes to "are you really sure you want to be doing this?"
Not that this stuff is terribly complicated and can’t be learned, but as a first electronics project you’re going to be really frustrated if it doesn’t work out right.

And also add in “do you know anyone you can go to in person to help with this?” A lot of times I don’t say anything here because I know there will be follow-up questions and frankly I don’t want to get into some long thing. But if someone showed up to my local weekly asking if anyone could help with their stick I’d jump in there.
Maybe the [modder/builder](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post thread needs a category for “not a builder, not doing mods for hire, but will help you with technical questions.”

If you’re in the know, you know.


Well on a more positive note, the final piece of the Link is slated to be running today, around lunchtime they should have the first article samples for me to come take a look at and make sure everything is good to go. Kinda nervous, since this is the top section that has the most complex areas, and is easy to fuck up.

Good Luck! I can’t wait to get my hands on mine! :smiley:

Actually they just got back to me, looks like they won’t run until tomorrow. That’s OK, at least I can plan my day a bit better, but that still leaves not much time before the holiday. Next week is going to be crazy pants if they don’t get a lot done this week, as I scramble to build some to bring to EVO. I’m really hoping I can plan this out and finally send out a survey to the kickstarter backers, since quite a few will want to do EVO pickup which would save me a lot of logistics hassle.

Hey Phreak, do you know if the Seimitsu Link will fit into a Zippyy stick?

I’ve been working on a custom dual-mod pcb for a project (read: the hell of it), and I’ve learned two mighty truths:

1.) EAGLE’s autorouter is the great folly of mankind

2.) I can’t hand-route my way out of a paper bag

Oh dear. I’ve encountered something truly fearful and intriguing all at the same time.
A USB Ona-hole controller

Haha. I have run into one of those in my… exploits. Shit happens when you review for TD. It’s the one with built-in functionality for 3DCG right?

Icy Black Deep is touching on one of the key problems I brought up: What do you consider the baseline skills and equipment for this hobby? Establish that, and work from there.

Additionally, a troubleshooting guide should be less of a checklist, and more of a training on the thought process.

Work with the assumptions you’ve made of what a modder should be able to do and what equipment they have, and teach the mindset, not the actions. Start with basic electronic theory, like Nerrage’s guide. Move on to troubleshooting methods like half split and swaptronics.

No idea, If a normal LS32 shaft works then yes. The base is what fits, the top is the same and interchangeable.

  1. The autorouter is worthless. It takes more time to fix the bad stuff it does than to just hand route.

  2. Just takes practice, and patience. Eagle isn’t super user friendly. Just remember that USB D+\D- should be close in length, and run next to each other (or one underneath the other), and if you can help it no signals crossing underneath.

Its why I want to teach the theory on how all controllers work. The basic theory is the same for simple controllers such as a Atari 2600 Joystick or even a Magnavox Odyssey controller, to something like a PS3 or Xbox 360 wireless controller. Yes I know the Atari joystick, the Magnavox Controller and some Neo Geo controllers have no Encoder in its controller.

Steps in any troubleshooting scenario, regardless of field, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, medical ect…

  1. Knowing the Theory of operation
  2. Identifying the problem
  3. Identifying the symptoms, eliminate causes that are not related to the symptoms
  4. Through logical reasoning and the process of elimination go though the causes from simple and easy to the most hard and complex.
  5. Treat/ repair the issue
  6. check to see if problem is cleared
  7. Recovery (this would include clean up, reassembly, on even on a PC installing and deleting any tools or utilities you installed on a client computer)
  8. preventive measures/ practices/ protocol to avoid the issue again is possible.

[s]2:30 in the morning

lets try this again except its open season


Just started posting here, so hi everyone! I got my first arcade stick three weeks ago, a Hori TTT2 stick. I’m loving it.
Mostly because I was thinking about modding it, I started avidly reading Tech Talk and couldn’t be more interested! There’s so much to learn about arcade sticks around here and so many interesting threads. I keep going back and reading threads from 7 years ago that are still pretty impressive (last one I was reading was B15’s dreamcast arcade cab, so cool to see how much he improved since then.)

Well, for now, I just want to say hi.

Welcome aboard, Glad to see new faces. Modding isn’t always easy but its greatly rewarding.

Welcome Roddy! I joined about 2 months ago after lurking the site since the Holidays! Being the tinkerer that I am, it’s only fitting that TT would be like a second home to me, lol.

I bought my first stick (TTT2 TE-S+) during the Mad Catz SoCal Regionals sale, and I’ll be up to 4 sticks by next week with the ones that are headed my way! That doesn’t even count the custom Galaga themed stick i built for my Dad on his birthday.

I’m already planning out a Frankenstein project, and hope to have a full blown custom stick by the end of the year! Try not to collect too many sticks, haha! As the saying goes around here, there’s no such thing as too many sticks. :wink: