Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Awesome! I look forward to reading it. Also, Justin Wong’s Xbone mod keeps having issues in his main tournament stick. I linked him to your Crossbone thread, and told him he should look into that. I just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you were looking for potential pro feedback or testimonies.

edit: I misunderstood how plinking works in SF4. Just realized that the button presses have to be one frame apart, which is why the auto-plink wouldn’t work for SF4, because the buttons would be activating on the same frame if they were wired together, right? Same would apply for Marvel Plink dashing. I think I see where I misunderstood.

edit again: Then again, I feel like I could get Select one frame later with a 555, a one shot, and an inverter, so I’m probably missing something else. The suspense is killing me.

aaaand here:

This only covers Blinking, the buttongate stuff Keits nailed what my thoughts were.

I stand corrected on the Plinking issues, thank you for the knowledge. Some of the things I posted earlier were based on an incorrect understanding of Plinking and its timing.

edit: I’m actually still trying to think of a situation where a button bind is actually an overpowered hack. I thought my 3S example worked, but it doesn’t. You can’t Kara cancel with it, you can’t SGGK with it. You can’t FRC in Guilty Gear with it, you can’t roll cancel with it. Other than getting really useful Seismic hammer cancels, what are applications of a button bind that could give you a really formidable advantage?

Microcontrollers, on the other hand, very OP.

Like, do you mean just wiring up say, jab and roundhouse to the same button do a kara dp with Ken? They’d still come out on the same frame so you’d have the same problem. But if you mean with what Phreakazoid cooked up, then yeah that’d work.

quick question does the Qanba or Eightarc fusion stick count as an Cronus converter or is it just dual modded ?

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But to answer your question, no those sticks don’t count as the Cronus converter. Anything other than the Cronus itself just counts as a dual mod.

Honestly the button binds the give the biggest advantage that come to mind are already in the games themselves. 3P/3K for charging turn punch, one button dash for plink dashing.

GGXXAC+R has/had some crazy shit where if you used those multiple button binds you’d negative edge commands every frame while holding the button down.

What? No!

Qanba RAF tech is a dual modded pcb in the early days and ‘dual mode’ now. There are no adapters involved.


Only select Qanba/Eightarc sticks have a dual-mode PCBs. Calling it a Dual-mod is misleading as the stick does what it does from the factory and no mod been made.

Cronus is a standalone converter made by another company altogether.

i never knew this, i play guilty gear and use Testament, with +R i had to learn how to “negative edge” my S’s and HS’s to setup trees/traps alongside EXE Beasts. basically i held EXE Beast with Button then release to negative edge hitomi/zeinest. Im not consistent with it, but it does help getting traps out there for less frames.

I play 5 button too, no macros (most of my sticks are 6 button to begin with), and i don’t think button binds work for that Testament due to the nature of EXE Beast (needs to be held>released or double tapped for it to work the way you want it)… and i tried the hitomi/zeinest and just get hitomi’s… maybe im not doing it right. it is interesting though for other characters. But in the end, it doesnt do shit for FRC’s so no care. haha.

Xb1 pad should be banned for ki. It has 2 button binding on the right analog stick. There’s no option in game to do that type of binding with the buttons. Would it be legal to hardware bind buttons for KI?

Pads have duplicate up/left and up/right. Their dpad plus analog stick. Sure it’d not practical, but the hardware for it exists.

I hate this discussion. Its so ridiculous.

Fun fact, a 555 with a tuned one shot is how I got the original circuit done, it was fun to dig out my old 555 knowledge and accurately tune a delay and rise. Obviously it was a one button test, and adding logic gates could have afforded expandability but a $.50 micro just simplified it all.

I just remember bringing it eventually to a gathering one night and everyone took it for a spin… shit was so funny. The video is bad but it was designed for Capcom’s viewing only, I’m sure a lot of people are like “he doesn’t do blah blah combo, just these jabs” lol.

I agree wholeheartedly, it the discussion has nothing to do with something technological, leave the fricking debate for the Fighting Game Discussion boards or even better yet 4Chan /v/ jr The General Discussion where people can go and troll each other.

Maybe you Eruopeans can tell me this.
From looking at various European websites, what the Hell is a VAT, and why you guys get charged for it?

I Just ordered something from the UK, and my invoice had a field for VAT, my Vat was 0, zero. I am not complaining here but what is it I didn’t get charged for.

I think it’s some sort of tax for British residents, maybe the full European Union. Or import tax.

Never mind I just found this

Its like a Sales Tax, but the tax is accumulated at every point in the distribution process and not just to the end consumer.
Also it makes for some harder to follow accounting.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is similar to sales tax in the US. Sales outside UK aren’t subject to VAT IIRC.

Yeah? Are you saying that because earlier, in an edit, I said you could probably do it with a one shot, a 555, and an inverter? Because that really made me feel better after I made such a big fool of myself over so called “auto Plinks.”

I have a whole pack of ATTiny85s and an Arduino Pro Mini that I was saving. I bet I could get this mod working.

Yeah, exactly why I said it hah. It was just the first way I attempted it is all.

You could probably knock it out very quickly with those, which is why it’s dangerous and the glitch needs to be removed. I’m better there are people who have been doing this/using this and not said anything.

The only recent games I can think of where having a d-pad and an analog stick was (usually due to shit programming) a problem would be ‘vanilla’ MvC3 (left + right = blocking both directions) and ‘vanilla’ DoA5 (EZ mode wavedashing for certain characters). Am I missing anything?