Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Miss you guys~ :frowning:

I rarely go on here anymore and it’s been forever and a day since I’ve last posted on SRK in general.

Anywho, just droppin’ by to say hello to everyone. That and seeing if I’m going to see anyone on the Jeju Islands this weekend for the Cafe iD’s tournament that they are holding this weekend. I’ll be there.

Obligatory tournament theme song :

You should fly home to the PI for even just a bit.

Planning to once I get to Japan. Sometime around X-mas.

I used the LANman kit so yeah. the spinners are a bit off from arcade quality but still workable

Random question: Are the buttons used for arcade sticks NO switches or NC switches?

This thread isn’t the place to be asking questions. The buttons are NO. Next time ask your questions in [](Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Facepalm I can’t believe I didn’t see that thread. Soz.

I think I’m done moving just about every important entry/post that I care about to the new site.

Reminder: Goat simulator is out tomorrow if you pre-ordered through their sketchy site.

I like how you went ham duckie, very nice.

Has anyone here played Bravely Default on the 3DS? I just purchased it on Amazon for $30 and was hoping to find out what I’m getting myself into.

I actually made a comment during the interview about how I could make a macro to do one-button Morrigan unfly soul fist shenanigans but that it wouldn’t automatically make me Chris G, but retracted it at the last moment.

just an update for those that care

Joe is doing well, talked to him last night and he sounded like his usual happy self and I spent a good part of it trying to convince him to come to EVO. Not an easy sell since it is so close to Comic con and he wants to go there and buy all the cool stuff they always have. He is still modding some, but new baby is priority of course!

From what I understood, I think JDM may be going to evo though, so thats cool

I miss my SoCal brothers!

Personal note: I installed a new radiator in my Subaru STI today since my original started to leak after 7 years of faithful service…(RIP)

I really love my car, but I HATE Subaru engineers… they must be Tetris masters because EVERYTHING is such a tight fit and awkward to get at…everything!

Seriously, I helped a bud install an aftermarket downpipe and BOV. Made me want to punch a baby.

Nothing against you iNENDOi as you just helped!.. but unless its a beast setup, the following applies…

Aftermarket DP… cool (IF supported with a proper ecu map, otherwise bad)
BOV on a scooby? UGH…

Its a great addition to any turbo scoobie, except that they can cause your car to run rich, prematurely wear out cats and give you worse mpg… but that the price you pay for PSHHHHHHHHH!

First 2 mods naive folks do to wrx/STI:

Installing BOV
lowering it without changing the geometry (eg; adjustable coilovers) this actually degades handling

Well he’s gonna need a BOV if they changed the turbo to one that can possibly increase boost pressure beyond what they need (or that the engine can handle). But if it’s just for the PSHHHHH, then he needs to be slapped.

Personally though, I’m waiting for F1 style hybrid compound turbos to hit the aftermarket in a few years. Not only do they take the place of BOV, but they also help charge the battery which can then be used to spool up the turbo and kill lag.

Ya, I meant wastegate. LoL.

@DaRabidDuckie‌ Have you seen Preppy’s reaction to your interview?

This is usually not the case here, most folks think a BOV is cool because of sound. bigger turbo= a LOT of other upgrades as well

most want the PSHHHHHHH lol

I guess it’s SLAPSGIVING then.


This isn’t a slight towards him, but I know better than to go posting in FGD.

Pretty damn sure he hates me anyway and has me on ignore, so anything I said wouldn’t be seen.