Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Going to have to set up a cam in the OR at this rate, I got home 5 hours ago and just got called back in at 530 am

eBay seller has let me down, need to find another source for a stick.

Any way I can get the Xrd stick by Madcatz? I’m in Europe and can’t find an online retailer that flies them overseas, Hella annoying for me as of recent.

No. I could use one though. Xrd on pad is killing my thumbs.

Sometimes I wish we could put up a “help d3v get a PS4 stick” fund.

Are any of the current gen sticks compatible with the ps4? And is it worth getting a dualmodded stick because I have some hope that Sony will release an update to make ps3 and dualmodded sticks compatible with ps4

Afternoon hangout is live -

  1. No current-gen sticks work with the PS4; PS3-stick-compatibility is developer/game-dependant, not system dependant at the moment. Either get your current stick modded/dual-modded with a PS4 PCB, buy a PS4-compatible stick (TE2 or HRAP V4), or pray to whatever deity you believe in that the game you want to play will have PS3-stick support.
  2. It’s almost ALWAYS worth getting your stick dual-modded over almost any other option you might have.
  3. There’s little to no benefit for Sony to allow for backwards-compatibility for hardware, so you might be waiting for a LOOONG time.
  4. Your questions are more suitable to be asked in the Questions thread: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

I was gonna buy a PS4 during black friday but skipped on it.

playing Xrd on PS3 is hurting my feels. (it’s playable but it feels like i’m playing Xrd Vita/iOS with those graphics). and now SFV. I just might bite during the holiday sales.


Anyone going to join the hangout today besides DarkSakul? It’s still up-

I just jumped in… nobody was home.

How is this bot still posting in a closed thread?

Well, guess what “please fix my pad” threads we’ll be getting soon.

What pad is that

The Sanwa one from the Limited Edition version of Guilty Gear Xrd.

The Fix:
Just get a Stick


Wish it wasn’t limited edition. Need more ps4 padhack options.

A bunch of us are still in Hangout -

Hangouts, and spambots, and USB hub/port/card terminology! OH MY!

I wanna get one of those pads, but didn’t order the LE of XRD sadly :frowning:

intentionally done by sanwa to make you buy their Xrd stick :neutral_face:

Going to attempt two ps4 mods at a tournament. From scratch, none prepped

Edit: only took three hours to padhack three ds4 pcbs. Going to install two of them now and have one spare incase I get another ps4 request.