Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Optical sticks feel like a stick without micro switches, still has a gate that you hit. Unless were talking about something new here and not something like the Flash1, Toodles Spark CE, Gamerfinger Optical, Hayabusa Optical.

Its the “Switches” or lack there off it and not the gate that makes a joystick optical.
Instead of having a mechanical switch closing the circuit to send a digital signal, optical or induction sensors sense where the actuator is and the board translates that to digital output.

Thank you for the clarification!
No, I am not talking about anything new. I wouldn’t know of any new products you guys don’t :wink:

Also just my $0.02

After all that expensive R&D and testing out optical stuff for good feels, my current preferred gear isn’t even pure optical:

ST | CvS2 | MvC2: Straight-6 MAS with Wico P360 stick and PAS Hoku Concave buttons

KOF98 | 2002 | 11: Straight-8 MAS with iL Competion stick and Wico P360 buttons

ShMUPS: Sega HSS-0136 8-button layout with Seimitsu/Arcade Shock LS-38 stick and Sanwa OBSN-30RG buttons

Everything Else: Noir 8-button layout HRAP SA V3 with Sanwa JLW stick and Seimitsu PS-14-GN buttons

Damn! I will always be mad at myself for not getting a MAS when they were a company. :s
That sounds like some nice builds you have though :smiley:

This was already realized on SRK:

Oh, I wasn’t doubting it hasn’t been done, but that’s a very cool project :slight_smile:

Should I put a Hori Hayabusa in a Madcatz TE, y/n? Definitely also going to look into an RGB controller for it, hoping to find something that does scrolling through rainbow colors (It’s a X360 model original TE, but dual modded, and I was gonna keep it that way for PS3 use until I get a PS4 and there’s hopefully a PCB by then)

The Hayabusa fits with a little modification to the case of the TE. Check the Hayabusa Unboxing and Mods thread.

I thought you could just rotate the pcb on the hayabusa to get it to fit in a TE, similar to what you do when you install a semitsu in there.

You can but if you are using a stock PCB it’s easier to just chop that little peg off instead of rearranging pins on the JST.

I know installing one wouldn’t be too much of an issue - it’s just a question of what I want to replace the stock joystick with at this point! The Hayabusa sounds pretty cool but I am very tempted to go optical even though I was fairly set on a Myongshin. I saw there is an optical silent gate for the hayabusa somewhere but haven’t found it yet…

Hinted at here:

I was going to look into a replacement PCB but maybe I should wait on a PS4 compatible solution designed for PS4 use. Don’t care about the older consoles anymore really although I hope nothing is wrong with the PCB on it.

You will have to buy an entire Silent HRAP to get the Optical Hayabusa. It’s probably not worth it unless that’s the joystick you wanna keep and play on.

Finished programming a PIC last night to clean up directional inputs. The client wanted two extra buttons added to their stick that would activate upleft and upright. Set up the cleaning so that the JLF took priority when there were conflicting directions. Now I’m wondering since I have most of the legwork done should I make a new socd cleaner with multiple options. I know Ive heard some people wanting asynchronous horizontal socd.

Just bought a Hayabusa stick and 8 kuro buttons for my TE :slight_smile: ordered in the last minutes of that Focus attack sale.

I have an idea, and it’s a crazy one, but I’d like some feedback on if it’s a good idea.

I’m thinking of modding an SFAC stick with IL parts and padhacking a Fighting Commander 4 to make the stick PS4 compatible. I prefer American parts, and I want something really unique in this crazy Sanwa world we live in.

However, I have never padhacked before and I have an idea that this mod as a whole will be difficult.

EDIT: And I don’t have the button wrench…

You will need the wrench, unless you’ve got Joseph Joestar strength 'cuz that red goop on the SFAC buttons is in there with Dio level magic!!!

+1 vote, go for it!!!

SFAC was one of the first sticks I modded.

If you don’t want to pad hack, and its still a ps2 stick, you can use this adapter: . I have been using it and its pretty good.

Thank you! Sounds great, I’d better grab one while I can! And lagless too, how rare for such converters :slight_smile:

I also say go for it! And do get that wrench. I’m using my SFAC with a PS2-PS4 adapter. Really like the SFAC. I’ve got Happ buttons and an OG competition stick in mine.

MSI’s rebates are a scam. I very carefully followed their instructions, only to receive an email today saying that my form wasn’t signed (their own scan of it shows my signature) and that the rebate was a duplicate claim, which is pretty hard to believe when it requires a physical UPC/proof of purchase.