Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

I totally understand the whole “might need to play with a borrowed stick” concept, but sometimes that feels like I’d be restricting myself if I limited myself to that.
For example, I don’t actually like using a JLF or OBSF-30s; I’m much more at ease with Seimitsu parts.

c’mon man, he wants to take it to the next level, next thing you know he’s gonna try a bigger… actuator.

So it appears that word has gotten around at work that I build arcade sticks and have built myself an arcade cabinet. Now the CEO of the company at which I work at wants to commission me to build a cab for his new game-room.

Tell them you accept payment in the form of raises and or promotions :tongue:

You know what I would do?
Build a steam machine, and have your “cartridges” be hot-swappable SSDs. You just download games to them, and can store as many as you want.
Mini 16GB SSDs are under $20/each. That’s enough for more than a handful of “retro” games, and people will still potentially buy your cartridges if they look cool.

@d3v Mind if I include this on @ed1371 's thread on legacy controller support.

I was never a fan of Mike myself, but showing up with a sham prototype at a Professional Trade show is what got me. And not just the sham prototype but how lazy and bad this sham prototype was pieced together. And not just that, alot of gaming and tech sites with less than knowledgeable “journalist” are taking the bate, sites like Cnet and gizmodo apparently have no idea that the protoype is a sham.

Looking at his post on Facebook is even more worrying like

They are pushing for a Sham prototype as they need a prototype to satisfied Kickstarter’s policy of needing a prototype for hardware based projects.
They are going to have the videos from the trade show along their mockups of the console and some random FPGA board as the “insides” of the console.

You gonna vend out the drafting of the cabinet artwork to @krimpai , seeing as it’s gonna be in your bauce’s house n’ all??? :naughty:

…but seriously congrats man!!!

That be the sensible thing tech savy people like you or me would do.

I think it’s simpler than that. Any set-top android unit including the nvida shield, Mad Catz offering or even the Ouya would work, the Raspberry Pi, any modern PC, a Well Put together FPGA.
There are FPGA boards now that out do any Emulator on Windows.
But these people are dead set on actual hardware carts, which is I feel a dead end.

But these ass holes can’t even wire up a single LED and Power switch. Any modder here worth there Sriracha can do that, hell most scrub modders can manage a LED and a on/off switch.
Hell I built before a multi-console emulation box on a whim long before the Steambox was a thing.

Note this isn’t calling out your spelling for being wrong, I just really like the phrase “worth their sriracha” and it was bugging me that it wasn’t the correct “their/there/they’re”

If only you knew the power of the Sriracha

So pathetic… Spent a good part of my day out looking for a chair to play SF in. A CHAIR.

Couldn’t beat the $50 price at staples and wife doesn’t completely hate it so I can roll it into our sitting room when not in use.

All because I absolutely cannot have the stick in my lap as years of arcade conditioning makes me need the stick on a stable surface so my hands can “float” on the controls and not be concerned about holding it down.

Upside is that I seem to be “back” after a long sabbatical… downside is the masochistic journey I am making to get good meh/ok with the new sim.

The little black ball of hate cheering me on (ok, sleeping) is our new kitten, “Midnight” BTW.

Liking Street Fighter V so far. Need to learn match ups. Going to Magfest Saturday. Still don’t have my stuff from Toodles and I haven’t heard back.

after a year of putting my stick on my lap I’m still not really used to it. I’ll eventually get a custom cab or have a set up that feels like one at least.

Cute cat, my cat is a 25lb tabby who screams when he wants food (which is always), he hates his diet

Quote of the day:
“He sees the win screen so much, it has caused burn-in on the tv”

I have to get a new chair too, I’ve been using one of those plastic elementary school chairs and it’s not the greatest for SFV marathon sessions.

Ugh. This retrofit job is going to take a bit longer than I anticipated. Gutting the PS3/360 PCBs for the PS4 PCB shouldn’t be too hard. Rewiring all the buttons from 30AWG kynar to something a bit more sturdy will be tedious, but will definitely look better than the rats nest that’s inside now. Trying to remember how the Masterstrike board is set up and figuring out if the wiring of the Arc Eye v1 will hold is where the problem comes in. I’m wondering whether or not I can use that to switch the Share button with the touchpad button. It switches power, which would be bad, but it also was supposed to switch USB lines, which I think would work for switching the button input. That said, I remember something wonky was going on with USB switching, but can’t remember what. Assuming I can’t find or figure it out, it may just be easier to repurpose the 360 sync button I had in the case (which I don’t remember if it worked, but may do the trick this go round).

And shoutout to @EJM for the oh so clean DS4 padhack, which is pretty much making a complete overhaul necessary. I imagine I’m going to end up doing a full button, LED and art swap to complement this thing, but right now I just want to get the stick up and running after being cased up for 2 years or so.

You ever get around to building the rowlf stick? Just curious lol

Rowlf is actually up next. I’ve been on the fence on buttons and PCB. I think ultimately I’m going to use the Kuro buttons I got in this year’s TTSS, so that this ends up being mainly a SS sourced stick. If I procrastinate long enough somebody may send the PCB! Just kidding. Debating on whether to get the PS3/4 fightboard or the universal board. Leaning to just the PS3/4 board, as I don’t think the stick will be needed on other systems (If I get around to retrofitting El Jeffe I may go that route).

Trust me, I haven’t forgot. Time and money have been on short supply as of late. But with SFV coming out and having access to a little more money, I can make my way back to being a productive member of society around here again

Anyone here ever tried Logitech’s Romer-G mech switches?

Was just up at the store tonight playing around with the G910. The switches in there felt somewhere between a cherry black and cherry brown. Better than a cherry switch? Couldn’t say. That being said I’m considering replacing this Razer Blackwidow I have, and the G810 is shaping up to be a nice option, provided I don’t go with the Corsair K70