Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

I cannot believe people on SRK are seriously saying that capturing Pokken is easier than capturing Melee.

“BUT I GOTTA LUG AROUND CRTS”. You’ve gotta be kidding me with these people.

Never seen one of these in person before. Got these when cleaning up my friend’s secondhand JLF which had these, so he let me keep them and I threw in new switches for him that I had lying around. But I might throw these into my JLW now.

Dia de los muertos y hecho en mexico Happ parts… :skull:

So on Kotaku’s story on that, someone in the comments is saying that having a Kickstarter for it is a ripoff since you can make an 2 player arcade stick for only $40 in parts.


I still don’t get the SmashBox at all, though.
Isn’t an analog stick necessary to have? For walking/running, for Zelda/Palutena/etc’s teleports, Ness/Lucas’ PK Thunder, etc?

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  2. There is no Seimitsu Circular Restrictor Gate for the LS-32

  3. There’s plenty of LEG solutions out there, but if you’re looking for programmable stuff, you’d be best with Paradise Arcade Shop’s Kaimana board and associated LEDs: Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!

  1. Sorry, I’m not used to forums at all. I’ll move the post to that thread, thanks for the info man.

  2. There is a Seimitsu Circular Restrictor Gate for the LS-32

  3. Thanks for that link man, I’m checking paradisearcadeshop right now and looks promising.

Thanks for answering @FreedomGundam :slight_smile:

My bad, I wasn’t aware of that one; I just know that Seimitsu themselves never made one, and I thought you were referring to an “official” one. Learn something new every day! :slight_smile:

And obviously, when I previously said “LEG solutions”, I really meant “LED solutions”. Or maybe I’m just hinting at the fact that we should never skip leg-day? :smiley:

that one is the official seimitsu make, it was discontinued at some point but now its being produced again.丸メイン

Both VLX’s for $230 each at EVO, what a nice deal.

Anyone else enjoying the pokemon go life?
Late night has been pretty interesting here in Norfolk.

Sadly I’m in Canada and don’t want to sideload and potentially GTAB :frowning:

Yep. Go is life.

my poor wrists hurt thinking about that.

Speaking of which, after a really rough session in SF V, I’m starting to wonder if anyone has done any ergonomics studies on joystick layouts.

Go Team Valor

I started team valor, but my wife picked mystic. So I made a new account to be mystic too.

Would have been cool if it can use actual carts, but then it would have had to been bigger etc etc :s

That’s pretty awesome regardless. Doubt we will be lucky enough for it to have contact points for a cart connector to be wired up like one of the atari flashbacks did.