Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V


I’ve been here one and half times as long as you, and have posted one one and halfth as many times, am I one two and a quarterth as useless?


TIL i have a rep bar


Just eat a fuckton of burritos and drink the water. That’ll be enough.


When the SRK forums were on the verge of being shut down, even @MarkMan came back and put in a couple of posts.
I was really waiting/hoping for @Toodles and @jdm714 to come in and say something as well, but I guess it’s a moot point right now.


That would have been awesome if @Toodles had come back and posted a final time … but also remember/don’t forget, we got blessed with a post from @jdm714 in the Secret Santa thread last year.


James will only cone back once you do hangouts again.


Guess we need to start doing Google hangouts again

#35251 once again at its best. Still haven’t received my preoder code for early access for DBFZ.

Contacted by chat, they “can’t do anything on their side” so they “transfer me to the promotion team”…

which take 48h to respond.

For a 24h pre-access.



I went on and preordered DBFZ and SFV AE from Gamestop. I’m old and rather have the physical disc. Not exactly sure why, as my Fios connection is quick and reliable. Still, disc over DL 98% of the time


I heard the news.
So sad.

I wanted to make a comeback too.
Now what to do?

Hi @FreedomGundam.
Hi @mikeohara.
Hi @d3v.
Hi @Darksakul.


Oh, I guess this BUTTHOLE will live.




So BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle isn’t anywhere remotely close to being released yet, and 20 DLC characters are planned already?.. FML


Mugen is a wonderful and terrible thing.


Got the answer: "There’s no need for a code the open beta is opened to every one starting the 14th. "



Early access to the beta was only ever announced for digital pre-orders in North America.


My son was trying the DBFZ beta today. He loves it. Looks fantastic. I may have to give it a whirl. I pre-ordered the Day 1 Fighterz edition for him


Gonna miss Tech Talk, it was fun to see people’s creations and be inspired to build my own sticks over the years. I learned so much from this forum, sad to see it go.


Except it’s not (supposedly).


I’m curious to see how everything will look after the migration takes place to the new forum db software. It looks kinda … meh from the examples I’ve seen.

Also of note, Wife and I have confirmed that we will be at CEO this year unless something major happens (or I get a job and have to work through that weekend). For now though, I’m doing the bare minimum to collect unemployment. On that note, I’ll probably reopen my computer shop once we move to our new house in March and still Uber and stuff on the weekends.