Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Meowth, that’s right!

I had to resize it to fit under the size limit. It’s 50k for non-prem, and 99k for prem. I’m going to redo it so it’s better quality once my premo access has been reinstated.

Technically, since we started with Majin, that should be “Meowjin, that’s right!”

This is how I read it, since it is ducky.

P.S. Manual multi-quotes FTL!

Link me and I can fix this.

Lol, i’ll keep that in mind next time we break into randomly quoting cartoon quotes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

Is it outside of Tech Talk? If it’s in the Trading Outlet then get Fir or Valaris to fix. Sorry.

Yeah its in Trading Outlet. Thanks for trying and pointing me in the right direction.

d3v, I like your Avatar.

Think I care, it’s not like I changed it for you, you know. :oops:

Much tsun-tsun.

Team fucking Tech Talk!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to normal and loving that we have SRK DARK back again!

Yeah, I’m loving the Dark Skin.

Now please, don’t let them rip it from our veins again.

SRK theme redesign NEVER FORGET!

My beautiful tutorials!!!:mad:

:eek:Links broken everywhere!!!

5 picture limit!:confused:

:mad:Scared to update links because 5 picture limit may force me to delete tutorial pictures.:mad:

Fuck it. Let me know when this shit is sorted out. I’ll keep them links broken until the picture limit is raised.

So apparently the Tapatalk app cannot view any thread on this site that was created before the move to XenForo. Lame.

Anybody with this app needs to contact the developer regarding this.

Meowjin That’s right.

Yeah, I need to later go back and edit my one listed guide.
[SIZE=3]The Beginners guide to planning a Mod like a Pro[/SIZE]

Man d3v, you so mean!
I just want you to like me.

Your Avatar kind of scary.

Hmm, uploading a video and finishing my information just as I read there’s a limit to pictures in posts n’ shit. ugh…good re-design of the site :confused:

jdm is in need of a cool fabulous avatar