Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

it doesn’t need to mean more material (or any at all) removed if I have a thinner mdf top on a smaller surface area (smaller case) with propper support provided IN the case and not counting exclusively on the top thickness. Not having a router, bottom mounting on a thinner mdf would be great, but still I wonder how thin can it be with the countersinking for the screw heads?

Worst case scenario I would need to stack two thinner mdf plates to replicate the effect a router would perform for top mounting, right?

How thick is the MDF that you’re using?

In any case, the length of the shaft be 23-24mm from the bottom of the ball to the top panel.

The JLF shaft is about 32 mm from stick plate to balltop, so I can spare about 8mm to 9mm in panel thickness. The mdf I have is 6 mm + 3mm plexi so the math works for bottom mounting.

So 9mm top panel + 35 mm remaining JLF body height + 3mm bottom = 47 mm. My case is 50mm high. WHEW! That was close. :eek:

The case was thought for top mounting, so I never cared doing this math for a bottom mounting approach. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had to go with top mounting, the shaft would be 27 mm from panel to balltop if I stack two 3 mm mdf plates to create the recess (3mm top mdf layer - 1mm JLF stick plate thickness + 3mm plexi). Not a big deal of a difference, anyway…

Okay, gonna ask for a bit of help here. Some time ago, someone made a thread detailing how to mod a Ikan/Naki/Dreamgear Arcade stick. Is there anyone out there nice enough to try and look for it?

I already linked it.
I thought you were being sarcastic in that Thread.

Or is there another one?

Guys I am looking for input for this thread

I want to wrap up the stick listing so I can work on the actual buyers guide part of the guide

Yeah I’m still on track to go to ReveLAtions, but no EVO for me :[
I’m planning on leaving for Georgia in late June. For reals this time.
I have to do it sooner than later while we still have money to pay for the cross country move…ouch.

nuuuuuuuuu its fine. Don’t be ashamed! It will be fun. I want to go to universal studios. I’ve never been to LA.which reminds me. My flip friend just returned from boracay and I’m pretty damn jealous.

I will take you to Tommy’s.
But only if you do not bring anyone.

Are you only going LA for ReveLAtions?
I can’t take you to Universal Studios now.

Im not sure. I’ll have to talk to Kenny as i’m staying with him. he’s arriving on the wednesday. I’ll talk to him tonight or tomorrow night.

I’m going to drive so much.

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noooooooo dont drive so much. I havn’t booked my flight yet. I’ gotta find out when the tourney runs.

Oh damn, I actually didn’t notice.
That’s what I get for posting at 2AM.

Hey guys, I got a quick question. I might get a TE as one of my graduation presents (Whoo!) but I’m not sure which one to get. I’m thinking it’s between the Xbox 360 SFIV Round 2 TE, SSFIV TE (Black or White), or the MvC3 TE.

Whichever one I choose, I plan on getting it dual modded right away, more than likely by Gummowned. I pretty much know the basics of each stick but I heard that some are more or less “better” than the next in some ways. Would you guys mind listing the pros and cons of each? Anything I need to keep in mind? Thanks.

TE ‘S’, aka the SSFIV one.

Great news! I (and Kyle and MarkMan) can give infractions again. :smiley:

So, do people not know that I provide Modding Service?

Eff that, y’all should save up so you can fly here so I can take you to Boracay. Clubbing on the beach, mackin’ on the models on vacation, falling asleep on the nearest palm tree…

Some say, that he actually provides modding services,
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All we know is, he’s called jdm714.

That said, you really should read the post at the top of this page Jim. Creature of legend, indeed.


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Thank you d3v.

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