Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Yo Lukas. What exactly was that material you used as packing filler for the JLF-TM8?

Thanks for that d3v; I didn’t actually notice that there! :lol:

The smiley tags are horribly inaccurate though. How does :oops: mean “oops?” It’s so freaking clearly meant to represent :tsun:, though would that mean >:( is :dere:?

probably plays better on stick…just keep switching to the left and right analogs…

Reverse, :oops: is :dere: and >:( is :tsun:.

Somewhat related, I played FFXIII on my HRAP3.

Alright thanks for the advice. Are these things restocked often at Lizard Lick? I’ll just put my info for the waiting list and wait patiently.

Yes, they are just behind because Toodles is on vacation. If you want sooner, order directly from Toodles. Details on The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!

WOW, I must be seriously tired to mux up the two like that. I freaking just finished Gosick too, so there’s no way I should forget tsundere! Welp, I know what to do now. :sleep:

As far as I know, I think LizardLick and Toodles are both having stock issues with their boards. Unfortunately, I doubt that the out-of-stock problem will resolve until after Evo, so it’ll still be a bit of a wait. [S]You may want to ask Toodles in the Cthulu board thread though; he may have some secret stash I don’t know about.[/S] Hey, if all else fails, you could always ask in the Trading Outlet if anyone has one. A friendly reminder though that although you can buy from the Trading Outlet to the best of my knowledge, you still can’t sell there for a while, not until October at least.

EDIT: Nerrage, being the boss that he is, addressed it before I did. :lol:

Thanks for the help.

Hmm, so who’s gonna be modding or selling stuff at EVO again? I recall Val and Montoia said they’d be there, and I think Gummoé, and JDM will only be there on Friday. So who else?


Mmm… making candy.

Using a hex inverter to invert triggers feels good. Glad I have a friend willing to bring me some from the Fry’s in Atlanta.

Damn, I think I’ve inhaled more than the legal limit of paint fumes today.

But anyway, updated iBUKI with the candy dustwasher I painted last night.

It was some foam, I ended up nabbing from my work. I am not even sure what kind of foam is it.

oh right
either way back then (and still now) i have no clue on how to use our air compressor
I still have the MG astray blue frame second revise in my closet which i was planning on giving the full treatment for.

I remember last time i did detailing was for my unicorn ver ka and my mom came in and accidentally threw away some of the leg armor when it was wrapped in tissue.
I cried.

I know exactly what you mean. Had the same problem. It’s the weirdest hangover.

3M has a activated carbon valved mask that is quite cheap. Helps a lot.

Learned fast not to work without a mask, glasses and, while using power tools, ear plugs. All inexpensive but made a huge difference.

@d3v - That’s a pretty stick, almost good enough to eat :wink:

My yummy dinner:

Gruyere stuffed squash blossoms…

Snails with a shallot/garlic/parsley butter…

I considered Snails before. My father had them he said they are good, like other cephalopod food (Octopus, Squid).