Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

i mean, there should be a dualmodding FAQ sticky in this forum :slight_smile:

No one reads them. :sad:

I don’t know what Dual Modding FAQ is.
But Dual Modding 101 is Sticky.

Me Gusta

lol, it is impossible to have a forum without orcs asking in capslock

Ninja Edit: i don’t see Dualmodding 101 :frowning:

It’s under Tutorials in the Info Thread.

I guess he one who does not read.


There’s a reason that thread says “Read before posting!”

But no one reads those things now do they.

No laugh. :shake:

sorry i thought the exact thread was sticky, thanks anyway :smiley:

I only have Initial D 3rd stage here. There used to be a fourth stage in Richmond. I got to try 5th stage when I visited Round One after WCW3. My Third Stage FC3S is Battle lvl 29 and has 26 stars.

Actually, in a recent survey, Rome ranked worse than Manila (and tied with Paris).

The Arcade Stage Ver.3 cards are thin paper things right?
The flimsy magnet cards.

It was Arcade Stage 4 and 5 and 6 that use thick IC.

Well, you are only Level 1 and zero Stars now.

IDAS6 is really cool.
With the Tag Battle thing.
You know, like the manga going Takumi downhill/Takahashi uphill.

I still have a IDAS 3 card in my wallet for my GDB.

If you could see my inbox on Facebook.

My first car was an FC3S.
My second was also an FC3S.
My third might’ve been an FD, or an SE3P, but I combo broke and got an NC. :smiley:

You can have five cars on this card. :wgrin:

Sooooo i am late to the party but how do i join the team tech talk steam, i am never really on it hahaha.

Also ummmm am i the only one excited about the new kirbys:rock::party::wow::clapdos:… yea probably.:sweat:

jdm i saw a bunch of hello kittys everywhere in this candy store the fiancee and i went to and i was gonna take a pic for you but she did not have her camera :frowning:

Tim, you EVO?

I am trying but i really dont think i will be able to, I would love to bum a ride off you and blind even tho i dont know how safe it would be to drive with a one armed blind man… /end joke

Whose wedding?
Is it yours?

the wedding is in aug but we may postpone it for a bit becaue of family life at the moment, I just may not be able to break away for evo because of same said family life.