Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

gold buttons are nice , those evo trophy and capcom cup silver TE2 sticks finally getting some love. for all 12-15 people who have them. lol.

Hadn’t bothered looking at the settings; probably should do that today. As far as the servers taking a crap, I can’t say I was surprised. It will smooth itself out, but it’s not exactly a good look

Hows this?

Please remind me to never remove the top panel from a Fighting Edge ever again. They should have put some glue on those stupid bolts…

So the Coleco Chameleon Crowd funder is a fricking scam. By the same assholes that done the failed Retro VGS indigogo campaign.

My rant on Video Game General

They claim it going to be a FGPA core to emulate multiple retro consoles.

At the NY Toyfair, they got a sham hack-job of a SNES Mini jammed into a Empty Jaguar Shell, a SNES flash cart in a Jarguar game cart held together with electric tape.
No LED lights, no Power switch, and the SNES controller are “hardwired” to the system even though it supposed to use USB controllers.

I would be more impressed if it was a Raspberry Pi emulating the SNES, at least they have some technical knowledge.

Here is Pat the NES Punks Video on it

I find this interesting. Very interesting. If you rewind to circa 2006-2007, Mike Kennedy started “Chase the Chuckwagon” a video game auction site that competed with my auction site “GameGavel”. We were in fierce completion trying to break through the eBay stigmas, and gain traction. He won over the Atari Age people and I had a few folks from Digital Press, etc. His marketing and speak was very similar to that I see now from a parts seller here, always trying to make his ideas seem new and fresh because those that did it first didn’t spread the net really far and wide.

Eventually I decided the cost vs. profit of GameGavel wasn’t there and I decided tonfoxusbon other things closing it down. He eventually bought the name GameGavel from me and started expanding his brand to cover a lot of what many other sites were doing. I didn’t see the value in it and lost interest I following the growth.

I saw about a year ago that they were bragging about buying the Jaguar shell tooling and was curious what their plan was with it. I think it’s funny that Mike, not an engineer, rushed something out and it failed and alienated everyone that initially backed his foray into being a gaming hub company. Then, according to the video, totally hosed his engineering partner. YIKES. I too would tread cautiously with anything backed by these guys.

Sounds like Faileel to me

Speaking of which, i can’t wait for his emotional/legal response

Today I broke my rule of playing on stock JLFs and stuck a slightly stiffer spring in my TE2. It’s made instant air lighting legs with Chun Li so much easier.

You know that after joining srk every time I see Darth Vader I think about you? How DARE you change you av for something else!

Take care dude.

Why would you have such a rule? Stiffer is better.

Because you never know when you have to compete and play with a borrowed stick.

On an unrelated note, I discovered that the Playtech Pro Arcade doesn’t work with the Lab Zero driver. It seems the PCB actually identified itself as a DualShock 3 (or SIXAXIS) which the PS4 actively prevents from working.

I totally understand the whole “might need to play with a borrowed stick” concept, but sometimes that feels like I’d be restricting myself if I limited myself to that.
For example, I don’t actually like using a JLF or OBSF-30s; I’m much more at ease with Seimitsu parts.

c’mon man, he wants to take it to the next level, next thing you know he’s gonna try a bigger… actuator.

So it appears that word has gotten around at work that I build arcade sticks and have built myself an arcade cabinet. Now the CEO of the company at which I work at wants to commission me to build a cab for his new game-room.

Tell them you accept payment in the form of raises and or promotions :tongue:

You know what I would do?
Build a steam machine, and have your “cartridges” be hot-swappable SSDs. You just download games to them, and can store as many as you want.
Mini 16GB SSDs are under $20/each. That’s enough for more than a handful of “retro” games, and people will still potentially buy your cartridges if they look cool.

@d3v Mind if I include this on @ed1371 's thread on legacy controller support.

I was never a fan of Mike myself, but showing up with a sham prototype at a Professional Trade show is what got me. And not just the sham prototype but how lazy and bad this sham prototype was pieced together. And not just that, alot of gaming and tech sites with less than knowledgeable “journalist” are taking the bate, sites like Cnet and gizmodo apparently have no idea that the protoype is a sham.

Looking at his post on Facebook is even more worrying like

They are pushing for a Sham prototype as they need a prototype to satisfied Kickstarter’s policy of needing a prototype for hardware based projects.
They are going to have the videos from the trade show along their mockups of the console and some random FPGA board as the “insides” of the console.

You gonna vend out the drafting of the cabinet artwork to @krimpai , seeing as it’s gonna be in your bauce’s house n’ all??? :naughty:

…but seriously congrats man!!!

That be the sensible thing tech savy people like you or me would do.

I think it’s simpler than that. Any set-top android unit including the nvida shield, Mad Catz offering or even the Ouya would work, the Raspberry Pi, any modern PC, a Well Put together FPGA.
There are FPGA boards now that out do any Emulator on Windows.
But these people are dead set on actual hardware carts, which is I feel a dead end.

But these ass holes can’t even wire up a single LED and Power switch. Any modder here worth there Sriracha can do that, hell most scrub modders can manage a LED and a on/off switch.
Hell I built before a multi-console emulation box on a whim long before the Steambox was a thing.