Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

Only if Sanwa decides to make the Flash again. One day, Sanwa, One day…

Whenever I use my ls-56, it takes about 10 minutes for me to get use to everytime. I do love the stiff-ness and it feels great, but it is a bit too sensitive for me especially when I’m trying to do some footsies and end up jumping on either sides.

I can’t wait to give the ls-33 with the ls-56 spring a try whenever I receive my case from someone I’ve been waiting for.

To be honest, I can’t stand a regular jlf at all, but I absolutely love my optical. If only someone could make an optical ls-32…

I"ve yet to try a Semeitsu stick. I grew up on Happ sticks and american layouts. For my first custom, I used a iL competition with old school happ concave buttons. However, the case had the astro city layout. It took a while to get used to it, but I quite like it now. My fingers really do fall in that direction, especially the pinky finger. My current project I’m putting together has a JLW with a circle gate, which seems like a decent compromise. For me, the JLF just feels too loose. I’m sure with some practice I could get used to it, but I haven’t ben to an arcade or any tourneys yet, so I never bothered. And if I could go to a tourney I’d see if I could bring my own stick, for sure…

Seeing how I grew up on american cabs, I’m used to bat tops as well. I recently ordered a white bat top for the JLW that I plan on dying yellow (since a stock yellow seems impossible to find). Since I have the thick shaft (no pun intended) JLW, I can switch between the bat and teh ball top with no problem.

I agree, I only like the JLF with the ls-33 spring on there. Stock jlf is way too loose for me.

Haha, I kinda find this amusing. Didn’t we have a thread about a month back about how “overrated” the LS-32 was? We’re doing that with the JLF now! Although, I can see why people would want a JLF and Sanwa buttons. The loose movement and super sensitive buttons translate from thinking to doing very quickly.

My favourite stock stick has to be the LS-32. The dead zone area is the only thing that kinda irks me. Besides that, it’s a great stick for both fighters and SHMUPs.

I’m going to be hooking up a LS-32-01, along ith Seimitsu screw on buttons on my Namco stick for Tatsunoko.
Love the shorter engage!

Haha, nailed it. Yes, it’s weird. But it’s not wrong.

That was in the shot by coincidence, but I think the same thing whenever I see the pic.

They’re gonna be all like [media=youtube]pox3xsmWqQg#t=48s"[/media]

-Where are people getting 45mm bubble tops? All I’ve ever seen was the standard solid color ones…

-I’m going to buy a hori with a black base and the seimitsu 2p layout (think T5 hori). Coicidentally I actually gave one of these away about a year and some change ago.

-I also want an LS-33, 45mm balltop, another TaeYung Fanta and some buttons.

My cheapo Saturn Virtua Stick came in the mail today. I had one of these things a million years ago when the Saturn was around. I’m not sure what it’s trying to copy but I want some more non-microswitch sticks. The only sound the stick produces is a slight pop when it hard returns to center.

I hooked it up to my Saturn to PS2 converter and then used an Xconverter 360 to get it on the 360. It’s a badass stick for shmups. HDRemix was a little iffy (it’s very stiff). Coincidentally the balltop is somewhere between the LB-35 and LB-45. The thread was standard so a normal ball top screwed right on.

I don’t know what it is with you guys and the JLF. It’s not that LOOSE, I mean, compared to some sticks, it feels fine. Need that loose feeling so I can pull 360’s on a square. But I prefer the LS-32 without the subgate.

Initially I didn’t like the LS-32, but for some reason I am coming back to it. It think it had to do with the case I put it in.

Ok here?s the deal. I want a stick for tatsunoko vs capcom but I don?t want to make a custom stick right now. All I want is a quick mod, be it the hori wii stick or the new wii se, the JLF is too soft for my liking. I?m an iL stiffness kind of guy. So my question is, witch ever stick I end up buying, what spring can I throw into a JLF to closely resemble the iL euroJoystick?

Charlie, I think the closest you can get to that iL would be a JLW. Not sure if any spring will make a JLF feel that stiff. However, I could be wrong (and I’m sure someone will tell me!). I think with the small mounting plate the JLW offers (the big one is standard) it may mount up where a jlf does. Don’t even quote me on if the height will be correct though.

can an LS-56 fit with those tatsunoko sticks?

An LS-55 spring will get you close. It is really damned tight like an iL stick. If you combine it with the original JLF spring it’s supposedly even harder. I didn’t go that far with it.

Thank you very much I think I?m going with the LS-55 spring over the JLF. Things going to be TIGHT

I love the JLF but FWIW I haven’t used a seimitsu yet. I’m generally not a fan of levered microswitches.

I think optical sticks are way overrated and I vastly prefer a clicky JLF to a Flash.
The sticks in the AES stick are very cool; uber short throw, small shaft and ball (hurr hurr) and for reason is kinda comfy. I think I’ll put in an RJ-45 jack and MC Cthulhu in when I mod my last AES stick; For some reason, I like the idea of playing TvC on it.
I hate the original AES buttons with a passion. The slope of the stick is sorta weird but tolerable.
I hate working on PSX code in my boards because one small tweak in one spot will cause the whole things to shit the bed. It’s like I have to follow and uber specific recipe where one teaspoon of salt gives you cake, and 1.01 teaspoon of salt gives you crabs.

Clicky sticks FTW. I can never feel comfortable playing on a stick that doesn’t click.

I’ve been wanting to get the PS2 version of the AES stick for a while. When I see them they’re overpriced compared to the PS3 and Wii versions.

While most of my sticks do click, it’s nice to be able to game on a silent stick with a pair of headphones.