Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


The Salamander one is nice, but I’m mixed on the Castlevania one. I don’t feel that the romanized/English at the bottom in the Times New Roman font works.


On my repro stickers I like to put the translated title in the same visual concept of the original one (or same fonts, sometimes with weird results). If the original one has the romanized in small text, I swap them. Not really original I know.


The Salamander one is taken from the Arcade promo poster.
It is kinda hard to find clean Salamander Art in a decent resolution.

As for the Akumajou Densetsu, I am having a hardtime fining a decent font that
A. Is clear enough to be printed at a small size
B. Fits with the visual theme.

The font used on the top fold (upside down text) is Swansea which is the closest thing I found to the Font Nintendo used to use on their Black Label NES games.


Yeah, for the Castlevania one, I was wondering if it’d be an option for you to replicate the Japanese logo, but have “Akumajou Densetsu” written romanized in the bloody stripe, and replicate the kanji’s style for “Castlevania III” in big below with the gradient coloring?


How is this?

Still trying to figure out that font thou


When I don’t find exactly the font, I choose the closest one, then convert it to vectors. This allows me to mold it as I wish.
Also I’m working in 300dpi, so sometimes I paint it directly if it’s too graphic (like the Super Shell Monster Story label).


Yeah, I do something similar.
I don’t work with vectors much, but I tend to work in 300dpi normally anyways, so I’ll tend to find the closest font, and then Photoshop it as I need.


arcade gore


So as it happens every little while, a friend of mine runs a small gaming-related show and I bring in a couple of setups for attendees to play on.

Two BenQ RL2455HM screens with some custom ABS/acrylic mounts for a marquee, with my Sega-panel arcade sticks.
Left unit was running a PS3; I had Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle running there first (surprisingly popular), then switched it to Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st].
Right unit was running a PS4; I started out with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, but that wasn’t too popular with the kids (2v2 versus anime-style fighter was tough for super-casuals to get into on a whim), so I switched it later on with Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, and that was quite popular with the attendees.

Had a blast as always watching kids play on arcade sticks for the first time in their lives.

A dealer had an iCade for sale for $40CDN (~$30US); was tempted to get it for a project, but who has time for more projects at this point?..


some exciting news on the computer front … I ordered my NVME Storage today from Amazon and it should be at my mom’s on Friday. Couple that with my new power supply that I’ll pick up Friday morning from there too, and it’s gonna be a fun time putting all that stuff in.



I enjoy new builds and even doing upgrades


I had saved up £1500, to splash out on my first PC, but the game I was buying it for was expecting a pre alpha invite but the developers say thats got delayed for foreseeable future

Was looking forward to throwing this 2006/7 Vaio laptop in the bin.


Been meaning to “upgrade” my computer.

My current desktop was put together in 2011, and it’s just an Intel i5 quad-core Sandy Bridge.
I usually redo my computers (read: get a new one) every 5 years, but this current one is going to hit 8 years coming next March.

Since I don’t game on my PC (other than a little bit of ZSNES or MAME), I thought about getting a laptop and just hooking up my screens to it.
But I got a new SSD on Black Friday for my main Windows drive, so I’ll just swap that, replace the fans, and probably get a new HDD, and this desktop should still last me a few more years.


i5 should last you another 5 years if it’s not used for gaming

My vaio laptop is only a Pentium dual core with 2gb ram. On year 11 or 12 right now, only used for browsing, shopping, eBay and the odd sports stream.

My gaming is done on my ps3


I’m gaming on PC (sorta) and I have a i7-3770k (Ivy bridge) build in 2012. I’ve upgraded the cg for a 1070 in December 2016. I can still run everything without batting an eye.
PC-gaming became incredibly steady since 2010 with little needs for raw power since then, the only which come to my mind is for 4k gamgin on 120/144hz screens.
1080p@60Fps is doable for a while now.
Let’s see if RTX will be more than a gimmick.


Yeah, I’m sure PC game is waaaaaay smoother nowadays than it was back in the mid/late 90s when I was into it.

I still prefer to game on a console, though, mainly because of less hassle than anything. No tweaking or drivers or that sort of thing, and you know your game will work.
Mind you, console gaming has gotten more annoying in recent generations because of the sheer amount of installation, updates, dev teams and sponsor logos, etc; I miss the old days when I can get a new game, bring it home and be already playing within 2 minutes. :slight_smile:


Agreed. That’s why I’m turning into retrogaming. I have like 15 consoles, from the NES to the PS4 pro. The one I poweron the most is the SNES. :smiley:


I have slowly moved from console to pc over the years and at the moment have a water cooled ryzen /1070 system in a small form factor case. Still have my Ps4 for exclusives though


I have both a PS4 Pro and a decent gaming PC with a Ryzen 5 1600 overclocked and a GTX 1080 at my wife’s house. I don’t hardly ever turn the PS4 Pro on, so it’s normally the PC that gets used more.


Happy New Year to all my beautiful Tech Talk people.