Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


Happy New years


happy new year’s you guys.


While I know a lot of people tend to do the whole “last year sucked” thing, 2018 was actually pretty good to me, and not just because it didn’t try to kill me like 2017 did. Did a lot of new things, started a lot of new things, got to travel to Japan twice, and more.

That said, one of the things I started last year, and want to continue into this year is gonna kill my wallet. I might even have to sell some arcade sticks to continue to step up my watch game.



Happy New Years to all. I started my year right with a cold.


Same thing happened to me. Mostly because we went to the beach on the weekend before, and the weather wasn’t ideal because there was a storm down south that was bringing in cloudy weather in areas around it.


Starting the year off with a cold seems to be a thing. I’m on that list myself, and I didn’t even go out on NYE (cold and rainy. That and I’m old and washed, so…)

While in recovery I’ve been staring down the horology rabbit hole thanks/no thanks to @d3v. I have a decent Citizen (needs a capacitor) and a few Fossil autos (all of which need the movement replaced). But I wanted a nice grown up watch that won’t break the bank. In doing so I’ve been staring at SKX007 watches and mods for the last few days. Since I know me I’m not trying to go down that road just yet (though one day it’s gonna happen) I could just ease into things with a Seiko 5, or treat myself and cop a Dan Henry 1970 ‘supercompressor’ that has been whispering in my ear.

That’s the problem with anything that can be customized or modded. It’s a never ending cycle

Here’s to a happy healthy successful and mod filled 2019!


Joining the “starting 2019 with a cold” group!

All in all, 2018 was mostly a good year for me. Especially hobby-wise. Two Gundam kits fully complete (it’s been 8 years since my last fully complete kit). Got plenty of robots and figures for the toy collection. Only 1 stick modded, though. Got a lot of video games. Hell, 2018 was a great year just for fighting/combat games alone: DragonBall FighterZ, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth EXE Late[st], Smash Bros Ultimate, Soul Calibur VI, Fighting EX Layer, and I’m probably missing some others.


I started out with a cold too!

That being said, I started 2019 pretty much the same way I brought in 2018; except I was leaving Dallas this time instead in Dallas at midnight working. The plan this year is to earn enough money through March with my part-time job to finally make the trek to Evo; regardless of my wife’s eternal protestings. She won’t be coming anyway.


It’s so bad that I have a list of watches I want to buy this year (on top of a list of “holy grail” watches).

For this year, I want to get:
-Seiko 5 SNK803/9 “Flieger” style flight watch
-Casio F91W
-Seiko SNA411 “Flightmaster”
-Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo

For the “grail” watches, these are:
-Grand Seiko SBGA211 “Snowflake”
-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz
-Seiko SCED035 “Ripley” Aliens watch reissue
-Rolex Explorer


Man, why are controller replacement shells so damn expensive?

I’m toying with the idea to buy a replacement shell for my Switch Pro Controller in another color (for the unique-ness and to be able to differentiate my controller from my brother’s at family gatherings), but on Amazon/eBay/AliExpress, they’re costing almost as much as a whole new Pro Controller at retail during Black Friday/Boxing Week…



Spent most of the downtime finally modding my Green Goblin and putting Neo Geo games on the SNES classic and having a hell of a time doing it. Thought it’d be more straight forward but I’d been out of the emu scene for too long and didn’t have my shit together.


Nice choice in watches d3v. That ‘Ripley’ watch is quite retro, and I"m sure costs a mint. I don’t think I have as many on a wish list or bucket list

  • Seiko SRPC13K1 (this is as close to a grail as I have. This color is sold out everywhere)
  • Seiko 5 SROC63K1 ‘Bottle Cap’
  • Casio DataBank 150 (had one in high school. Nostalgia is a PITA. May have to settle for a DBC-32)
  • Casio DWD5500BB-1 (everybody needs a beater watch. Make mine all black with the reverse LCD)
  • Dan Henry 1970 Compressor
  • Timex Marlin x Peanuts Automatic (because Snoopy)


I had a Databank 150 back in high school as well; lost it in the canal basin during dragon-boat practice sometime in 2001. :frowning:
I then bought a DBC-32 back in 2013; it’s my day-to-day watch, but the straps have broken on me, and I’ve gone through 2-3 other straps since then. I keep telling people that this is the “original smart watch”, but my wife hates it (she says it’s too geeky and that I should wear the nicer Skagen and Fossil watches that I have).
Mind you, wearing the DBC-32 has been an amazing conversation starter, and I’ve had a lot of very attractive women come talk to me because I was wearing it. Bizarre.


Just put it on a NATO or Zulu strap so replacing it when it goes isn’t a pain.


Had a look at the going price for a DataBank 150. Methinks that DBC-32 may have to do the trick. No way I’m paying 3 digits for one of those, nostalgia or not. If I HAD to keep the nostalgia thing going I could get the DBC611, as I had one of those before I upgraded (or lost, more likely). But the membrane keyboard was never great, and nostalgia alone wouldn’t be enough for me to deal with it.

One thing I remember from those watches is the case cracking by the pin, making it useless. I vividly remember prying to superglue the pin in place or using some hardening putty to fix the crack, but it never worked.

I came across a modded SKX007 that was made to look like a Seiko Tuna. Absolutely beautiful. The $500+ price tag means I won’t be getting one unless I have a serious bonus.


That happened to at least one of mine back in the day. Super annoying.

The watch that I still want to get is the Casio CMD40B-1T remote control watch. Always wanted one back in the day, but could never afford/justify it as a high-school student (though there was always that one kid that had one). I dunno how useful the actual remote control portion of it is these days, but it still looks cool and I still want one. :smiley:


Was travelling at high speed near tropical farmland at night. Look how my car looked in the morning.


I did a thing

I put a Qi charger inside of a NES game pad (NES Classics Version) with a 8Bitdo DIY PCB inside

Here it is charging on a Samsung Wireless quick charger.


Some more Arcade 1UP stuff. Still a hard sell for me, but they look nice. However I wouldn’t be surprised if this company becomes bankrupt in like a year or two.