Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


Man, I got the flu and its mega fun. Great way to start a year.

I looked at my collection of sticks and I think I won’t be doing anything with them this year. Thought about making a hitbox but decided against it.

Probably I’m going to throw all my money down the toilet for a new electric guitar. Been eyeing a Stratocaster for awhile now.


That’s rad! I’m still waiting to get my snes pcb from them that I ordered a month ago.


Anybody still have a template for a Voltech Gen.1 (wood) case? I managed to get a hold of one of the universal style cases (8 button, so dick?) many moons ago, and I figure I should get around to Happ-ing it out this year, because my old QCF tank stick is PS3 only and I don’t want to retrofit it


Maybe here:


Hmmmm… most of those pics in his Flikr account are for the VAS line (hell, I saw albums for both of my cases there!). Not much for the original case runs though. Since it’s snowing in the area I may just flip through them while waiting for the end. Better than shoveling


I love watching how mechanical watches work through a display caseback.

Also, a bit of a lifehack. The Seiko 5 (SNK803) here costs only 70 bucks, but its size makes for a decent dress watch if you stick in a leather strap thanks to its size.

I’ll look around my files. I might have it.


That SNK803 and it’s variants have to be one of the great watch deals in life. A mechanical watch that can be dressed up or down with a movement known to work for years without any servicing for under $100? It’s not just a great ‘gateway’ watch, it’s a great watch, period.

I got the correct capacitor for mt Citizen AR 2.0, so I can soldier on while deciding what my first watch pickup is going to be.


Don’t believe anyone said anything about the lb-45. I use it. I had a previous post with pictures of how my hand looks around it, but deleted the images from imgur at some point; I regret doing that now. I actually sold and repurchased the same ssf4 arcade stick, and repurchased the lb-45 balltop. Along side I bought an extended shaft; which I didn’t previously have. I’m 6’5", and my hands are somewhat large. They’re not HUGE, but bigger than average for sure. I was never comfortable holding the stick with the small balltop. It always felt awkward holding the regular balltop. Felt like I had to put in extra effort to give it a good grip. I now realized the extended shaft was just as important for my needs. Without the extended shaft I could not hold the stick between my middle and ring finger, as the ring/pinky would always be bent uncomfortably under the ball top. Will mention I added a 2LB spring, as a little more resistance feels great. I’ll take pics if anyone’s interested.


Speaking of watch pickups, been thinking of the SNA411 a lot lately. I mean, it’s a watch with a built in slide rule, making it absolutely tool-tastic and nerdy for a non-digital. How can you say no to that?


That’s a lot of watch @d3v. I would like a chrono at som epoint, but that’s too much. That and I never learned to use a slide rule, so…

I think I"m going to have to get a Bulova Snorkel. I"m not a huge fan of the case, and yes, it’s quartz, but the internal dial and the sweeping second hand has me sold. Until I can afford a Seiko with a spring drive, this will work. Get a leather strap and a Milanese strap and I"m set:


Most chrono’s under $300 are quartz, which is fine since they are more accurate. The Flightmaster however is just oh so nerdy I can’t help but love it (that, and it evokes the Breitling Navitimer without being an actual homage watch). It’s also pretty much the opposite of the MVNT chronos which are basically useless because they lack markings.


Yeah…not going with a MVMT watch. Saw some nice but expensive Seiko Chrono watches, but not for me. I’d get an Ediface first.


Although it sounds like heresy compared to the awesome analog watch discussion above

I found that the Amazfit Bip by Huami is a decent Smart watch under the $80 price tag.
It’s hugely limited as a smart watch compared to anything above the $100 price tag.


  • You can’t install apps to the watch,
  • and you have to use this annoying hack to change the watch face to anything that isn’t preinstalled.


  • The watch comes with some of the best battery life I ever seen in a smart watch, I got it right before new
    years, only charged it once and the watch is still at 87% battery.
  • I can view the watch face just fine under bright sunlight.

It also does the one function I need from a smart watch, I can view txt and notifications without getting my phone out of my pocket, which is perfect for work.


The idea of a smart watch does intrigue me at times (the Samsung Gear line is quite nice, especially using it for mobile payments), but I’m not sure it’s for me. Like…I need my watch to do one thing: tell time. No need to send texts, play music, monitor my heart rate, order pizza, unlock my car (though I could get a cool Michael Knight vibe from it), none of that. Tell time, accentuate my wardrobe, and that’s it. Plus, charging my watch just seems wrong. Still, to each hi sown. I can’t rule out getting one myself one day.


Not really sold on the concept of smart watches as they are now - which is basically making them mostly extensions of your phone. I’d much rather just check my phone for those things. My preference is for more stuff that compliments what watches have traditionally done, with GPS and and similar - stuff that can actually be integrated with traditional watches such as the Seiko Astron GPS Solar, which actually adjusts the hands automatically based on GPS satellites.

The other thing of course is that a lot of smart watches are made like phones in that they feel disposable and become obsolete with the next upgrade or OS revision. That’s something you can’t apply to traditional watches (even old digitals like Casios).


Casio Databank watches: the original smart watch, as I keep telling people. :grin:


my wife has reluctantly agreed to help me pool the money together to attend Evo this year. It’s gonna cost me about $1250 to make the trek and plan on competing and meeting you all finally.


That’s a lot of dough. But, for a trip that you’ve been looking forward to it’s not bad at all. Enjoy!

My bucket list trips would be to either get back to Vegas for the SEMA show or to Texas for the F1 race


I’ve seen second hand DBC150s going for less than 100 bucks on eBay. Though, as with most eBay watches, you can’t be sure of the quality/condition of the watch.


So I found out that the non MGSV versions of the Seiko Wired Solidarity digitals go for just about as much as an SKX. This is great news considering that the original MGSV limited edition version can now go for over thousand dollars second hand.