Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


Spotted a Virtua Stick and my wife had to drag me away from the booth kicking and screaming.


Bid on and won my first Seiko (SRPC16). The style I wanted, the color…I needed a brown watch that could be used for dress functions, but would have preferred that style of watch in a different color. No matter. Hard to beat for the price and it does open up more choices for a blue faced watch. I had a Fossil auto with a brown face and strap which failed, so this should make a nice replacement:


The Recraft series is great with all the vintage inspired styles. The SRPC16 is such as 70s looking watch.

For a blue dial, you can try the SNKN37 which is currently half price off on Jomashop.


Anyone install a DCHDMI yet on their Dreamcast yet?

I’m very tempted to get one to get back and play some Dreamcast gems, since a buddy of mine just gave me his old Dreamcast about 6 months ago (so I wouldn’t have to hack up my original).


I’m on the waiting list (as long as the Wii one).


So one of my goals for this year is to do an HDMI mod for an older console.

My two systems of choice are:

  • Pros: a compatible console was given to me for free, so I won’t need to hack up my own; lots of good fighters to play; I was primarily a Nintendo/Sony player during that era (got my Dreamcast way after it was “dead”, in ~2003), so there’s plenty of games that I missed out on; DCHDMI is newer, so it’s relatively easy to get on a preorder list; other cool DC mods available (GDEMU, etc).
  • Cons: Other cool DC mods are available (ie, more money to dump in that direction)


  • Pros: I’m inherently a Nintendo fan, so this one is almost a no-brainer; a huge library of (non-fighting) games that I’m already familiar with that I know I love already.
  • Cons: Fighter-wise, only CvS2 is worthwhile to me; the GCDual mod is only compatible on DOL-001 systems, and I’m not going to risk my original DOL-001 (co-owned with my brother), so I’ll have to buy hunt down another console…

Decisions decisions…


my HDMI kit for the N64 is sitting like since 1 year on my shelves.

HDMI to do (I have or will get eventually the kit):

  • N64
  • Gamecube
  • Wii
  • DC


Smallest Joystick I ever saw in person

Here it is next to a LS-32


What, pray tell, is that stick for?


The toddler demographic of the FGC? :smiley:


Thinking of making ether a micro sized arcade stick or a tiny arcade cab.


Hooray for horology! My Seiko came in today (much quicker than anticipated. I don’t have that much in my wardrobe that needs brown and/or gold, but man is this watch a beauty. I will need to get a watch band though. The original owner had a burgundy and tan NATO strap, which doesn’t really match. They also included the original band from Seiko, which I absolutely hate. I’m sure once the band breaks in I’ll like it more, but right now? Ick. Not my first choice in this limited edition line (the silver with turquoise dial was the best, but all sold out; the black leaves something to be desired) but the more I look at it, the more I love it. It’ll look like a million bucks once I change this band though…

While I was at it I had a crack at my Fossil I was thinking about sending in for repair. After having a good look at it, I figured out what the problem was. The rotor had worked its way loose, and the screw that held the rotor onto the movement had got jammed between the second hand. A few minutes and some tiny tweezers later, I got the screw unstuck and the watch began to wind. With a bit more finessing, I managed to get everything back into place. I gave it a good wind and will keep an eye on how it keeps time. Assuming it looks OK, I’ll get a strap for it and put it back in rotation.


Helping a friend of a friend spread the word on a Flashback/Out Of This World style game that’s he’s currently trying to get crowdfunded on Kickstarter:


I need to get my hands on a iL P360. They seem to be sold out everywhere. If I can’t track one down I may go for a magnetic stick (though those aren’t the easiest to find in stock either).


I got to add to this later as atm I am on my phone at work, but I got a really good deal on a PC monitor. It’s a rebranded Samsung 32" 1440p monitor with freesynch

edit here is the link


So this past weekend, I took apart the Dreamcast that my buddy gave me to clean it up.

The top is a just a little yellowed, so I’ll de-yellow it as soon as I get my UV floodlight in from Amazon; we’re not getting good amounts of sunlight here during the winter anyways. On the other hand, the controller and VMU that I grabbed from storage at my parents’ house were very yellowed, so I guess I’ll be doing those too.

Tried to test the Dreamcast (before taking it apart); the system loads and “reads” discs, but won’t load games, so chances are the GD-ROM drive is shot (not surprising). Want to get a GDEMU, but I can never catch the site/stock properly, so I reluctantly went with a clone board from eBay for now. We’ll see how it turns out when I receive it. :\

Will also just do the system battery mod (waiting on parts from eBay as well) and thinking of changing the LED color too. And then it’ll be wait time for the DCHDMI.


Hi everybody. Been too long. I’ll try to make visits to the BUTTHOLE more regularly.


Oh shit, you live!
How going?


Well. Been running Retro Arcade Stick Collective and working on some cool stuff for that. Still collecting sticks. Still modding.


Got my UV floodlight yesterday (who doesn’t like receiving their Amazon orders the day after they’re made?), and picked up some hydrogen peroxide cream. Used a small box to support the floodlight, and I have a de-yellowing booth!

Tested it out with the only-slighty-yellowed Dreamcast body. Left it in there for ~3 hours, and it looks like it did the trick. It wasn’t horribly faded to begin with, so I don’t have much of a comparison, but after a quick inspection, it feels like it’s less yellow.

The true test will be how it’ll handle this very-yellowed controller: