Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


Suuuuuuuuuure you did. :smiley:


It is now my mission in life to obtain a ‘dancing hands’ watch. Just because…


If you live near a Microcenter, they apparently stock IL and Suzo Happ parts now.


Sadly, I can’t use it since I’m bedridden with tonsillitis.


Get well soon.


Next year though …


Eh, there’s always next year. Remember, “happy wife happy life”.

It could always be worse.
Last year (2018): Montreal Comic-Con was the same weekend as my brother’s bachelor party, EVO/Otakuthon was the same weekend as my brother’s birthday, and Toronto FanExpo was the same weekend as his wedding. I was unable to attend practically a whole season’s worth of conventions/shows for my brother. But after my wife, my brother means the world to me, so I guess I can’t complain too much.


Is your brother’s birthday on Aug 13?


Nope, August 8th. So always close to Evo.

Was with my wife cleaning out an older cabinet at her parents’ place that had their old movies and games from her childhood/teenage years.

Came home with her old SNES game collection:

Super Mario World (has instructions, no box since it came with the SNES)
Super Mario All-Stars (has instructions, no box since it came with the SNES)
Super Star Wars (no box or instructions)
Super Battleship (no box or instructions)
Aero the Acro-Bat
Battle Clash
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
Cool Spot
Donkey Kong Country
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Mega Man X
Metal Combat
Mickey Mania
Mortal Kombat II
Super Battletank 2
Super Mario Kart
T2 Judgement Day
Yoshi’s Safari
Zelda - A Link to the Past

My wife has always been OCD at keeping things in good shape, so she took care of her stuff when she was young.

There’s also an SNES console and a Super Scope in storage somewhere there that I’ll grab eventually as well.


goddamn dude, that’s a haul if I’ve ever seen one. Grats!


holly shit.


My next de-yellowing projects!

My old Wavebird that I left at my in-laws’ place during the Smash Bros Brawl days. Totally forgot I left it there, and I don’t think I’ve used it since Smash4 came out. Comparison between the probably-super-exposed front of the controller shell vs the obscured back half. The yellowing doesn’t look as bad in the pic than it did in real life.

The top SNES controller was from my wife’s stash from her teenage years. Comparison with the bottom one from an SNES Jr (SNS-101) that I got off of local Craigslist about 2 years ago.


Has anyone gotten their hands on the panthera evo buttons? I want to know if i can stick other switches in there (It would be cool to kailh box blues in there)


And done!

GameCube Wavebird looks as good as new!
Spent about 24 hours in hydrogen peroxide under the UV lamp.

SNES controller isn’t perfect, but is MUCH better. The colors are a little off in the picture, but using the same comparison as before (so the bottom one is a pristine SNES controller).
Spent about 36 hours in hydrogen peroxide under the UV lamp.


Two things on that SNES haul:

  1. Were the games purposefully alphabetized?
  2. Did you say there’s a Super Scope still in storage?

Good job on the de-yellowing projects.

  1. They were alphabetized mainly because I had gone through them for cleaning and sorted them for my collection display shelves, and it was easier to look at that way

  2. Yep, there’s a Super Scope somewhere at my in-laws. From what my wife tells me, it’s fully boxed and all. I should be able to go grab it this coming Friday. I hope the Super Scope isn’t horribly yellowed; because that’s going to be a pain in the ass to de-yellow due to the size.


Final interview with a potential employer is gonna be next week. They’re willing to pay over what I earn now with the govt (which is 16/hr plus the wellness credit I get). The firm I’m going through has assured me that I am the top candidate right now for the position, which is pretty damn cool.

Also, I upgraded phones. Traded in my iPhone 8 Plus and my Apple Watch and walked out with a Galaxy Note 9 and everything I need. I had a major issue with my phone last week where I couldn’t make calls for the majority of the week or send texts because of a iOS bug.


I know phone brand allegiances are sometimes a very touchy subject (I’ve come across some VERY defensive people), but I’m always surprised/impressed when people jump to the other platform that they used to have. I would’ve thought that the OS’ usability and ecosystems would prevent more people from jumping from one to the other, but I guess there’s always something that can frustrate users, no matter which side you’re on.


The thing that made me decide to switch was this:

I work out of town one of my three days off currently every week doing stuff like Uber Eats and Favor (Favor’s an Austin based start-up) to afford things I want to have. Last week I worked and couldn’t make or receive calls or texts nearly the entire day. That problem cost me about an half day’s worth of work due to troubleshooting the issue while mobile. I lost at least $150-200 last week that day.

You damn right I’ll switch when it affects my hobbies.


Makes sense to switch when things go wrong.