Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


Hey hey. Idk how many of you are familiar with Retro Arcade Stick Collective but we’re releasing a sticker pack on Saturday.
image image image image image image


Picking up a new ride tomorrow thanks to the wife. She gets my car and I get the new car, a 2015 Ford Fusion with the Luxury package. Also, I have my final interview next Thursday morning for a job not too far from my house in Texas. Recruiters have been hyping me up to the client.


I ordered my first game from Limited Run Games this morning, and I’m super excited. For those who are unfamiliar, Limited Run Games makes small (and limited) runs of physical copies of games that were previously digital-only.

So I ordered Koihime Enbu Ryorairai. Funny story with this game: when I was in Tokyo last September (2018), I went to a used game store and had in my hands both Blade Arcus from Shining, and Koihime Enbu. Ended up buying Blade Arcus mainly because it was cheaper (~2000yen vs ~3500yen).
Probably a good thing then too, because research afterwards showed that Koihime Enbu got an upgrade as Koihime Enbu Ryorairai (July 2018), localized even across all regions, albeit as a digital-only on the PSN store.
As a physical-disc collector kind of guy, I’m happy I can finally get this game as a physical version now.


Anyone seen the new Sega AiME cabs?


I may go to Round 1 this week and see if they have those. I’ve basically whittled my sidework down to one of my off days for right now, Thursday. This next week I plan on leaving at somewhere between 3:30am and 4am to get to Dallas by 7-8.

On a different note, I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week. The company thinks I did well though and they may be looking to expand their hiring beyond the initial ones they told the recruitment agency about. So for now, I’m still stuck at the job for the government.

Also, I recently bought a XBox One X and have a 8TB external drive hooked up to it.


From what I’ve read, it’s only Club Sega that has them in significant numbers.


Ah. Hopes and dreams dashed for right now.


I have @Ohhaiari working on a stick art commission for my Obsidian right now, and I’m not gonna lie; I got fucking hyped when I saw what he put together. It was a draft, and I’m ready to see what he comes up with for the final product!

On another note, in the next week or two I’m ordering my EZ Mod kit for my Obsidian as well from Arcade Shock and get that out of the way so I can have my stick work on both my XBox One X and PS4 Pro. Also placing a order to Focus Attack soon for some parts.


So I got my clone GDEMU a couple of days ago. Got it installed today.

I haven’t run games off of unofficial means (ie from copies, ROMs, ISOs, etc) in a VERY long time, so it’s kind of nerve-racking when games don’t boot up properly, and I’m holding my breath whenever the bootup screen appears to see if it’ll load. Had a few issues loading some games, but I guess things are ok now. I’m not sure if it’s because of the clone GDEMU itself, my the old SD cards that I’m using, or the ISOs that I have. But one 4GB SD card has CvS2, MvC2, SF3 3S, Jojo, Project Justice; so that’ll be my “definitive” SD card for this thing.

Now to look to get those fancy 3D printed trays to block things up.


Anyone here tried the new buttons that Crown has w/ the Cherry MX speed switches? Very interested in a set for my Obsidian…


I’m also very interested, speed silvers are my favourite switch on keyboard.


I’m pretty sure this has been asked before, but this has never really been relevant to me until now.

Is a USB headset the only way to get chat support when using a stick (that doesn’t have a headset jack) on the PS4?
All the headsets that I can see on Amazon are all like… headphone+microphone combos, so I’m assuming the game audio goes through there too?
Mainly asking because I don’t want my game audio through the headset; I basically just need chat support while using my arcade stick, while still having the game audio come out of my surround speakers setup in my game-room.


I believe you can set where the game audio comes out in the dashboard.


Happy 10th Birthday to the Mad Catz TE.


I came to the realization that there are people out there that honestly think they need the Nintendo Switch branded Micro SD card for their Switch and not any ordinary Non-Nintendo branded Micro SD card.

While I don’t usually mind a fool being separated from their money, this would also lead to people with their misconceptions spreading falsehoods that others would take as true.


There’s Nintendo-branded micro SD cards?.. o_O


Yep, and if you get these from a brick and mortar Retail store you spend more than a normal non-Nintendo Micro SD card.

if you look on Amazon the Nintendo Micro SD cards sell for more their too.
Your paying extra just to have Mario or Link on the packing and/or a mushroom on your SD card.


Huh. I actually wasn’t even they made branded ones.
But it’s pretty obvious that they’d charge more for the branding/logos.

The logo is cute, but since I’d never take it out of my Switch anyways, there’s no real point either way.


Don’t you hate it when you’re part-way through a stick project, and you realize you don’t have enough of some part? Or you’re just waiting for parts to arrive in the mail so your current project in kinda just on-hold?
Happens to me ALL the time because I never plan out my projects far enough. I’ll start working on something before going “Oh, I need X-part”. Then work on some more and go “Oh, I need Y-part”… :\


here I am waiting on the latest update for the UFB to be posted before I order my Obsidian EZ Mod kit. Brook has already updated the PS4+ board, but not the UFB.


Also picked up UNIST on flash sale, can’t wait to get bodied by the same three characters over and over online :rofl: