Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


I can’t be the only person who thinks those Sanwa stick layouts look awful.


the stick is absolute proof that 8 button is dick, layout on the first 6 buttons looks ok though

i had the chance to snag the gg stick for the price of the lever and buttons, but just cant stand the aesthitcs of the case or the menu buttons either


100% agree. Hurts my wrist to look at it.
Hard pass.


The art work is cool but that layout… I prefer 8 buttons (even though I turn off the back two in ingame menu and use them for certain games that I can use to test and do stupid stuff with the stick), but I couldn’t do it. Pass by far.


2018 and we still hating on 8 buttons.
Meanwhile we gonna need 8 buttons to navigate menus pretty soon…


We need them already…


We can still hate 8 buttons, I’d rather just have the L1 and L2 somewhere else on a custom stick. If it’s a retail stick I’ll just deal with it.


They emulated Sega Astro layout by tilting a vewlix. It MIGHT be OK but it doesn’t look inviting. Absolutely no idea why they didn’t go with Astro.


Holy crap I was trying figure out what layout that was…tilted Vewlix FTL


Why then are the last two buttons so damn offset from what it should be if it was just a merely tilted Vewlix.

Makes no goddamned sense.


Oh you’re right. There’s no top/bottom row offset at all. What the heck were they thinking?



Here’s a question: why did nobody notice this on the guilty gear sticks until now?


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most here haven’t used (nor seen) those GG sticks. If anything, people here would be more familiar with the GG Xrd Sign TE2, which uses Vewlix


@anzhar @jopamo

Speaking of weird ergonomy…
The Sanwa stick layout could have been much worse with the buttons on the far right dipping lower than the ones on the far left.
Imagine if it had been an 8 button version of the JALECO Pony mk III 1player layout ,4button version, notice the 2nd player layout is not as bad. Someone had at least the sense to plug the D button for player1 but still it’s not a comfortable layout.

The checkered motive of the second sanwa stick posted by Anzhar is reminiscent of a lot of retro panel graphics for the 80’s & early 90’s.

The following pic is baffling, someone actually did the opposite compared to the pic above and plugged the A button for 1p for an even worse ergonomy (see cab on the right) , it means some people like to have their right wrist SHOT. Notice the cab in question has Deathsmiles , which is ok to play on that sort of shitty layout, otoh playing a neogeo fighter with 4 buttons used constantly would be extremely difficult.


Yo, I’ve seen layouts like that before and they drive me fucking crazy… I think the assumption is 1P is viewing the cabinet at a 45 degree angle


i agree, there’s no sense rotating the button layout to a certain degree if the panel mounting for the joystick is not rotated as well.
speaking of which let’s take SEGA SWING cab , 4 player, 3 button/player, original panel :

looks cool and all, except the button layout, same shit as Jaleco pony mkIII and many others, with extreme angle for 1st p and 4th p layouts.
Are the stick mounts angled? Alas, not (same exact original NOS 3button panel) :

Some astute dudes over at neoarcadia decided to design a partial repro customized SEGA SWING 4player panel with rotated stick mounts to make up for the shit button layout, but using a 4button type instead (bottom panel on pic) :

notice, on the above picture, the top panel is a nos sega swing 2player 3button design, the buttons are angled at an acceptable way, so the stick mounts are kept straight.

All in all, keeping a weird angled button layout is possible if you “correct” the internal stick mount angle, but only if we’re speaking of a 2+ player type cab panel, whereas a 1p cab panel and 1p commercial lap/table fighstick will need a correct new button layout as angling the stick mount makes no sense in this case, as the player will not position himself at an angle.

props to darkam&neo-arcadia for the pics & panel design


that is a great stick for WWF Wrestlefest


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I mean I did, but it wasn’t like it affected me so much, I’ll just avoid shit designs.

They’re so morphed I feel like only Mew2King could use all 8 buttons without hand shifting.


Looks like Hyperkin got competition on that wireless Genesis pad

The Maker of the Mega Everdrive made a Wireless Sega Genesis Controller