Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


If that’s Krizz’s site, you can expect your order (when these drop) to arrive, oh about…

Two months later :smirk:

Still ordering one nonetheless


Korean TE2 prototype on Twitter, looks like an Astro layout not Noir? Pretty cool:


I’m considering a trip to Austin to go to Dreamhack next month, and I’m trying to decide whether I just wanna go for the day and walk around and do cool shit or take my stick and try my hand at a CPT ranking event. This would take the place of CEO for me; since I’m famously not able to go due to not enough PTO saved.

Knowing my luck I’d probably drown in pools; but gain a lot of knowledge via casual play. Also helps that ArcadeUFO is over by UT in another part of town; so I may go there and see what’s new.


Pretty cute looking.


I wonder if it’s moddable.
I’d get one for kicks, if it’s not too pricey. :smiley:


I’m more curious about what controllers it’ll support. It says that it comes with two controller ports. Will they be new controllers, or will they support the old NEOGEO sticks with the 15 pin ports (with no PCB inside)?


The original SNK MVS cab from the official announcement article is a SC25-4 cab.
Looking at the tiny photo of the one-off gold version on SNK’s website , I thought at first it was a miniaturization of the Neo19, but it clearly isn’t, it’s the earlier SC series version they imitated. The international version has a panel design looking like a cross between a neogeo CD console and an old ASCII stick alpha (1987) for sega master system


I’m gonna try my hand at TO’ing an event again in mid-August; and based on how it goes; I may make it a regular thing again. I did a lot of reducing of things recently; which was triggered by what I think was a midlife crisis. Gotta pick up quite a few pieces of tech by the event time; not limited to a capture card; software and DLC for games; and a CPT-standard monitor.



Put those fuckers out of business.


Just got out of Taito’s Hey (Hirose Entertainment Yard) Arcade in Akihabara. NOT ONE of the (many) Egret II shmup cabs had anything but Sanwa sticks and buttons. That kinda made me sad. :slightly_frowning_face:

Played CvS2 on a Vewlix cab though (w/ linked play too!). That shit totally made up for it! :grin:
SFV cabs are a myth. USFIV still bumpin though. Had to wait forever in line just to get repeatedly bodied. :smirk:


Just saw this looking for details on the CD32 controller connector. If these logic boards are still available they could be handy for making converters or retro PCBs, perhaps?


I’d say it looks like a perfect controller for DiveKick. :slight_smile:


If you haven’t noticed, I left the TT discord a little while ago. I’m trying to get things straight in my life with my family and everything despite all goings on. Work takes up most of my time right now (as I work 40+ hours a week with mandatory OT).

Hopefully life stabilizes for me soon and I can start doing well enough and save enough time and money to go to something like EVO next year. I will not be denied if I can help it next year, and I finally know why the missus said no despite having money.


My new gaming setup in progress! Finally! \o/ I was tired of living in the middle of moving boxes!


Is it just me, or have the boards been quieter ever since the original “The boards will be shut down scare” from January?


The forums are pretty dead nowadays. I think the initial announcement of the shutdown scared off most. I’ve even encountered numerous times with contributors here (via other social media channels), they were unaware that the forums had even re-opened.


Hello. I’m still alive. Been more active on the Tech Talk Facebook page and my own arcade stick collectors group.

Retro Arcade Stick Collective Facebook

Retro Arcade Stick Collective Twitter

I’ll try to stop by more frequently. :heart:

PS: I have a new project that’s currently in the concept phase but you guys will definitely be interested.


Since I moved I haven’t much time for stick projects or doodling here while working.


Capture card arrived today. An ezcap 261.

Bought it because it costs way less then an Elgato or AVerMedia, that and I got it on discount as well.

Seems to work pretty well. Captures 1080p 60fps just fine.


Intresting. What are you using for capture/Stream? OBS?