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I got a 1st world problem

Currently got a ps3 as my main system as nothing tempted me to upgrade next gen, and I am very satisfied

I got around $700 to splash on my first ever pc for a game that shutdown on ps3 in 2016, coming out on pc in 6 months


I’m kind of tempted to get ps4 pro or x1x now because of the 30th anniversary collection

I know i can get the game on pc but I rather play it on console

What would you do?

Btw on ps3 I have the ps1 classics of sf2 ww, sf2 ce, sf2 hf, a1, a2, a3, and also HDR and 3Soe


Personally id get a pc. Ps4 only has a few years left before ps5 is released. If the 30th anniversary collection is in your steam library itll be there forever. Then again pc hardware currently very expensive what with the ram prices beeing at ridiculous levels due to samsung/hynix beeing assholes and cryptomining driving gpu prices up. So it depends on the specs the game you want to play requires.


Ok scratch that. I just ran the pc version on a 1440p display and its already giving me issues. Impossible to get it running full screen. It has black borders around a 1080p window.


I’m a little biased, but I’ll vote the console side.

I totally understand that PC gaming can be WAY higher quality than console gaming, but you still have to work at it to make sure that settings are optimized, drivers are installed, etc etc. It’s not so bad after the first time, but extrapolate for the number of games you want running.
I prefer the console route because you can be sure that the games will just run fine with no time spent to tweak or fine-tune anything


That’s terrible

Do the in game borders not fill the screen?


Well for most games in the 30th anniv collection the aspect ratio is different so you always have the borders with the capcom art. I just have a big black border around that on top. Thats with full screen option selected.


Btw, does this game have legacy support on ps4?


I see what you mean, I think this issue happens on monitors because they don’t do the overscan thing like TV’s

When I play PS3 caladrius blaze on TV some of the picture is off the screen but on monitor is fine.

Same with FPS like black ops, on TV them arrows you set at the beginning you can push off the screen, but on a monitor the tip always goes max to the edge of screen no more.


Managed to sort it. Switched my monitors settings to full instead of 1:1 .
Game should get more native resolutions support though.


‪My press pass was approved today! I’ll officially be at Evo 2018 as a representative of the Retro Arcade Stick Collective to showcase the competitor’s arcade sticks and do some interviews with parts retailers and stick manufacturers. Is anybody else planning to attend?‬


Hi. How’s it going?


I just spend over an hour turning my hobby/collection room inside out looking for a spare Cerberus that I knew I had. Dug through multiple bins multiple times, went through all my drawers, boxes, shelves, etc. Could not find it. Was afraid that it had accidentally fallen into a garbage/recycling bin and I had inadvertently tossed it.

… Turns out I had used it up on a 2L12B Sega-panel stick 3-4 months ago. :\


Been there, I thought I lost a couple of optical sticks and blazblue balltop and buttons.

Turned out I left them in a pair of trainers as I had to leave in a hurry for something


I signed up for the Dallas Red Bull Conquest stop in July, and it’ll be weird not playing online with people. I’ve not entered a tournament in almost 5 years, so I’m probably gonna drown in Tekken 7 pools.


Looks like the NEOGEO Mini will use pads based on the Neo Geo CD pad.


Connection seems to be via USB Type-C. I wonder if they’ll release these separately, so someone can padhack them into an old Neo-Geo stick shell?


Fingers crossed it either uses generic USB or Brook crack the encryption



I’m guessing it’s going to use a bezel for the plexi and artwork, kind of like the TE2.


It looks nice.
I don’t think I have the space/budget/allocation for it, but I’d definitely be tempted to grab one if I was in the market for a mid-size all-purpose stick.


Was pretty hype until I saw the bezel. Magnetic plexis (or the bolt on kind like the Ultra Ulia) are the way to go