Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


In this grudge match, I found it odd that they were using Mad Catz sticks and not something from Qanba or Hori or even Razer. Mad Catz come back soon?


I don’t think that Madcatz would be coming back; as from what I recall they declared bankruptcy a couple years ago. Stranger things have happened though, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anyway, I switched out my stock JLF that came with my Qanba Obsidian for a Crown 309MJ with a high tension grommet. I’m having to learn everything all over again and I feel a lot faster return to Neutral. This is okay in Tekken, but in everything else I’m having to relearn how to do everything. I’ll get it soon enough though.


MadCatz is already back. A Chinese company bought out their assets and spun them off as “Mad Catz Global Holdings”. They recently launched a new line of gaming mace at CES earlier this year.


So basically they pulled an SNK.


Working on a Dreamcast Console Mod, USB-GDROM and Pico PSU, Aftermarket clear Shell and LEDs.
Even have my first foray into 3D printing, didn’t came out as expected but it works for what I want.

Will post pics when done.

Also I found out this USB drive isn’t compatible with the USB-GDROM

This one is compatible


Because talk is cheap, here photos


A good buddy dug up his old Dreamcast, and since he never plans to use it again (his agreement with his wife is that he’ll never have/keep more than 2 consoles, so he’s currently with an X360 and a PS4), he’s going to toss it my way.
Was originally looking to get a GDEMU, but the USB-GDROM seems to be more flexible overall, not to mention easier to get (though at a higher price).


I found this website a few days ago and I think they are based in Ottawa, Canada. They seem to sell Everdrives, retropie stuff and also the GDEMU.

I’m thinking about putting in an order but after hearing about how its been cloned im a little worried.


PS3 Super Slim dropped from 3 foot, File Check/Restore 25% after 8 hours


This ebay listing made me laugh lol.


I should get 99 of them!


seems legit


Considering building another iL/Happ stick for the 30th Anniversary release. Partly because I don’t feel like redoing my PS3 tankstick with iL parts for nostalgic reasons (my first build) and partly because I haven’t built a stick in years. Have 2 cases that will fit the parts that need a little TLC, and can probably go with either the latest Brook PCB or contract having a DS4 hacked, but time to play, let alone build, has not been easy to come by for this family man. Still, I lurk, I listen, and watch.

Hope y’all are doing good


I’m doing good man, work’s been kicking my ass but I’m fixing to start working graveyards at this job. 4 days on, 3 off. No more mandatory OT on the contract as of 2-3 weeks ago per our vendor, but I did slip an fbomb out when they told us about a new quota for working self-service tickets last week on Thursday, so I know I get at least a written warning when I walk in tomorrow night for my shift. I never thought that working for a government agency I’d have to deal with incompetency on a massive scale the way I do daily, but yet here we are.



I never thought that working for a government agency I’d have to deal with incompetency on a massive scale the way I do daily


This your first 'gubment job? That sounds par for the course…


yeah, this is my first government job. Everything else I’ve done before prior to this is private sector stuff.


Hmmm. Even Jasen didn’t post his new product.

So here it is: the brook retro board:


Cool to see PcEngine,Saturn and Dreamcast support, then it says
“retro” but no 8 or 16 bit SEGA console support?? Only Nintendo?


Sega controllers are a bit hard to make it work on the original hardware, especially the 6 buttons genesis/megadrive pad which use a weird encoder.


Since Brook hacked the ps4 controller successfully , I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to find a solution for megadrive/genesis controllers not to mention master system . You can’t call an encoder board the ultimate solution for retro gaming if iconic and major consoles are not on the list! Hope they find a solution quickly enough (perhaps as a downloadable update if that is feasible…).