Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


That’s totaly two different problems.
PS4 controllers (and all recent controllers) are built around USB and Bluetooth standards. This is more about finding the correct key/encryption to keep the device connected rather than emulate a physical hardware.

For the Sega/Megadrive this is quite different: they weren’t build around any protocol. All the other controllers used classic encoders or were somehow reverse ingeneered at some extend, but even though all functions weren’t supported (as exemple, there’s no Dreamcast VMU support)

The 3 buttons controller is easy to duplicate (it’s a simple 74LS157 multiplexer), but the 6 buttons Genesis used a really weird pulse signal which is insert between the regular button. It’s even more complex to analyze and decode it (this is a subject which comes back frequently on arcade/supergun forums)

This is a control so weird that even some games have some issue with it on the original hardware (like Golden Axe 3) and Sega put the “mode” button to set the controller in classic 3 buttons mode.

Why do think Toodles never put it on the Mc Chtulu after all this time?


Meh. No european distributer for this retro board it seems. Arcade shock and jasen have exclusivity. I paid more then double the price on magenta due to shipping and customs, so i sthink ill steer clear of this one.


I wasn’t saying ps4 and megadrive controllers had the same issue at all, I was comparing the level of complexity.
Today hackers reverse engineer complex protections , breaking records in terms of time spent doing so, so decoding and emulating a 6button megadrive controller based on an old chip seems a bit basic in comparison .
The fact that a handful of games misread the signals (then out of sync) of 6 button controllers is independent from the fact that it is possible to make controller PCBs compatible with a whole list of 8bit and 16bit consoles. Also, all you needed to do was toggle into 3 button mode on startup if you were aware of the problem with certain carts.
So many 3rd party pads and arcade sticks from the 90s had multi-console encoder circuits, I don’t see why Brook wouldn’t be able to do it in an even more miniaturized version. All had the mode button for 6 button/3button toggle megadrive option.
generally the basic “multi” was restricted to snes+megadrive, but some pcbs offered nes+snes+megadrive+pcengine+neogeo and on rare occasions even more. Hori’s Fighting Stick Multi “only” did snes+megadrive+pcengine. IMP ex-9800 had finetunable turbo and was compatible perfectly with snes+megadrive+neogeo. The list goes on and on.
If all these companies succeeded in doing so decades ago, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible today.


Has anyone managed to get a wired controller/joystick working on the Switch without using the dock; ie, via the USB-C port?

I tried to jimmy-rig something, but it didn’t work.
I used a Micro-USB (female) to USB-C (male) adapter, and I plugged that onto a Micro-USB (male) to RJ-45 cable. Didn’t seem to work out; my Switch didn’t detect my stick via the USB-C without using the dock. But plugging in my stick via an RJ-45 to USB-A (male) into the dock worked.


Kind of surprised there’s no NES classic and SNES classic support on the retro board. Maybe a future firmware could enable a forced mode to use with adapters for them?


It’d be really cool if Brook or Jasen could work out a Wii Classic controller mode - iirc Toodles used to make a board that could do this and had plans to fold it into the Cthulhu but never did


EVO was entertaining, although I didn’t like staying up till midnight to watch the SFV top 8, not even finals.

Razer revealed a new stick so that is something.

To be honest it looks like a downgrade from the Panthera.


It’s seems they’ve changed priorities, dropping the easy open cover in favor of easy art swapping and a headphone jack.

I’m interested in the buttons though, I wonder if they’re using Razer’s mechanical keyboard switches (actually made by Kailh).


For all us mech keyboard and/or RE fans.


Looks awesome, but not 75000yen awesome. :\


I’d rather just buy this

and designs some decals.


after Evo this year, I hit my yearly lull with fighting games and uninstalled them all from my computer. I’ll give it a month or two, then probably reinstall SFV and Tekken 7 back on my PC and start playing again. On another note, I have started saving for possibly attending Evo next year with my wife and maybe my grandkids. I think $250 twice a month should be plenty of money by the time dates are announced next year. I just have to go camping for a few days with everyone, then I think my wife would be open to talking about going.

How are you guys doing?


Nothing much. It’s pretty calm here.
I’m working on a new project, Hopefully I’ll finish it in few months:


Working on replacement for the Madcatz TE2 / TE2+ bezel. I’m fed up to see +50$ for one on ebay.


New stick arises.

Looks nice, wonder if it’ll ever come to the states.


Anyone see the absurd prices for the new nVidia graphics cards? Of course, it didn’t stop people from preordering them and selling out day one.


Would buy the hell out of that with a different layout, it’s a real shame none of these easy access sticks come with panel options (I know the TE2 sorta did but who wants a TE2 now)


I dunno, the prices seems about right for the 2080 series. Too rich for my blood tho


I do need to replace my old 7870 XT at some point. But I haven’t done that much PC gaming as of late, and the prices of GPUs have been wildly inflated. Anything under, say, a 1070 class would be more a lateral move, even with my card’s age. With the way the prices have been I’ve just kept it as is. Maybe around winter I’ll look again


I’m seriously considering having the wife buy me a 2080 for Christmas if the benchmarks are decent. Hopefully by then she’ll have received her compensation from her accident last year.

Also, I had a tech nightmare happen today … mid-afternoon, my keyboard’s A key stopped working. Of course, from my wife’s house to the local best buy is about 20 minutes by car, and I had to wait to get the grandkids off the bus. So I piled them in the car, and drove to Best Buy and walked out with a Apex 750 TKL from Steelseries. Now I just need to get a Steelseries headset to complete the trifecta, anyone here have any experience with the Arctis Pro?