Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


Very random question, but does anyone know if there’s anyone or any store that sells bare (unpopulated and no overlay) Sega Astro/Blast city 2L12B control panels? Perfectly fine with repros, and rreferably in North America.

I’m trying to make an effort to finish up (or more like “redo”) my half-baked Sega-panel dual stick this fall, and I think the easiest/fastest way for me to get it done is to simply get a new panel.

It’s currently:

  • MDF casing that’s sprayed with Plasti-Dip (will remove the Plast-Dip and will paint it properly)
  • Some bizarre repro Sega panel that has a really weird layout (30mm joystick hole and Astro P1 on both sides) that doesn’t actually fit properly in a hole that’s perfectly routed for official Sega panels (like the HOT-2005); I don’t even have an overlay for this one; it’s actually just bare painted metal.

I do have a repro Blast City CP overlay, so I figured the easiest and simplest solution would be to ditch the weirdo repro panel, get a proper one that’ll fit the casing, and use the repro Blast City CP overlay. Would definitely be simpler to do that than to re-route the casing and get another CP overlay printed (and then my repro Blast City overlay would yet again be doing nothing).


I’m going to publish some model for 3DPrinted parts for Madcatz TE2/TE2+.
I’ll create a thread as long as a video + links to the final objects to Thingiverse.


First test print. Not that bad:


Just wanted to say HI and I miss you guys.


It’s definitely been super-quiet on the boards here after the initial shut-down scare earlier this year and the transition to the new forum format.


I honestly think the Tech Talk FB group gets more traffic than the forums at this point. I’m seeing stuff in there every day or two compared to weekly or bi-weekly here. Speaking of games, I’m fixing to boot up Spiderman (well, as soon as the update installs properly.) The update fucked itself the first goaround, so I had to delete and redownload/reinstall. On a 2TB cap, that’s pretty bad.


We’d get more traffic if all the old BUTTHOLE crew started posting again. I miss you guys.




I’m doing my best. I’ll post other stuff soon hopefully.


Dick spotted.


3DPrinted bezel for the madcatz TE2/TE2+ assembled! Need some paint and finish but it works.

With the lock part it’s two downed. I need to work on the side panels now.


Madcatz TE2/TE2+ Lock part done:


they’re not using Nesica for the arcade version? What are they using to track win/loss stats, or are they doing that at all?


For the peeps who like hitboxs


They are. But the loketest cabs don’t have readers yet.


Need that .STL!


Everything is here:


I’m hoping the Round 1 a couple of hours away gets a set or two of these cabs. I still have my registered Nesica card from the last time I went and played Blazblue and Persona.


Sooooo… is there really no alternative for a solid-colored yellow bat-top?
I see plenty of clear yellow and metallic yellow/gold ones, but no options for even a 3rd-party solid yellow bat-top?