Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


I JUST saw your updated post. :smiley:


If you want any sort of custom dimensions lmk :slight_smile:


pokes head in Sup guys…

Life has been slowing everything else down, so little time to play, build or mod. That said, it is getting cooler, so I’m waiting for the job to slow down and plan on working on some projects that have been sitting FOREVER. For instance…

Anybody still have a template for the old Voltech cases (the wood one, not the V2 steel series)? I’ve had a blank case I bought years ago with plans on making a current gen Happ stick (I know, I know…), and never got around to it. May as well get that done by spring.

A non game related mod I need to get on is my BBQ smoker. I’ve got an offset smoker that I want to use over the winter. The problem is once it gets cold in this part of the states I have to use way more fuel (charcoal or wood splits) than I have room or money for. I’m thinking about adding a gas assist system and using a smoking tube with pellets to add the smoke. Not ideal, but I can still use the smoker when the temps drop and I need more capacity than my kamado will give me.

We doing SS2018 this year?




Cracks Fingers

Yes sure.

Lets me cook something up.


The Dark Deed is now Done


A (minor) rant (done semi-jokingly):

What’s up with controllers/PCBs and the “Home” button?
Pokken controller - no Home button
PS4 controller on PS3 - no Home button
Cerberus/UFB on Switch - no Home button
Switch wired controller on PS3 - no Home button



Simple. Developers hate E.T.

And now I’m aging myself…


Big pet peeves currently:

  1. People getting confused between the TE2 and TE Round 2
  2. People selling their last gen sticks as “for PS3 and PS4” and selling them for the price of actual PS4 sticks (thanks legacy support) (yes this is still a problem even today)
  3. SRK forums seemingly (at least on mobile) removing the ignore user function
  4. Google giving the Pixel 3 XL a notch AND a chin. Pick one please :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it’s not just mobile. I can’t find the feature on a regular browser either.
Been looking for this feature especially more in the last week or so. :slight_smile:


One of my pet peeves is sellers (mostly on eBay) think their fightstick is worth more just because it has custom artwork on it. Come on now, 9 times out of 10 people who buy the stick are going to change the artwork. I can understand a little bit of mark up since different buttons, ball top, and plexi, but your stick isn’t worth $100+ more just because it has your favorite anime character on it.


Hmmm. My first time owning Seimitsu PS-15 buttons (needed them to mount into the thin Exar Exaprize stick). It’s odd; if you hit the plunger on the sides (ie, not dead-center) there’s a certain amount of “grinding” of the plunger onto the rims. Maybe I just need to break them in…


Hell, if anything not having original artwork should lower and not raise the value of a stick.
People acting like their custom round one TE is the gold plated TE from Evo and its still sealed in the box.

No body cares for your custom art work, especially when the buyer is putting their own art in place anyways.
Also unless I am paying for new artwork that I commissioned myself and having it installed with a new plexy, dont charge me extra for it.
I would most likely going to hate what ever terrible anime character that been plastered across with assets you stole from deviant art.

While were talking about pet peeves, gamers on forums trying to act elite as they played 1st and 2nd Gen consoles back in the late 70s. No one who plays Street Fighter now cares that you cut your gamer teeth on Magnavox Odyssey 2, Fairchild Channel F, and the Vectrex.


Next week, I will have been a member of SRK for 18 years. I have multiple forum accounts on other sites that are 10+ years old; but my SRK forum account has been with me through thick and thin, and is my oldest account by far. I remember living in Northern California basically homeless at one point and I was still going to the public library every day to check the forums. I’ve met so many people through SRK and experienced stuff that I wouldn’t have otherwise, like a stint for a couple of years as a tournament organizer. I’m glad to have found my home and haunts through TT, and I love all you crazy bastards; especially you @d3v and Markman. I may endlessly be trying to keep up with these young whippersnappers playing now; but 2019 is gonna be my best year ever!


18 years is a long time to be part of a forum.
As of next January, I would have been around here for 10 years… even though this account says that I joined in 2011. My original account was made in January 2009, and my first post here was about padhacking the Intec Retro Controller for Wii (this post). Somehow, I lost that account (probably from a forum upgrade?), so here I am with the one that was made in 2011.


Finally picked up a PS4 Pro!


I can’t be the only guy that’s really annoyed that Smash Bros Melee still has a main tournament spot at EVO2019, right?


Did Ultimate get a spot too? That would be the only reason I’d be upset.


Yes, Ultimate did get a spot, fortunately.

But then begs the question: do we need two spots for TWO Smash games?
We really don’t. Melee was great, not arguing that; and Brawl had issues being competitive. But there was Smash4 and now Ultimate. Melee needs to go to the sidelines.
To me, it’d be the equivalent of putting 3rd Strike up as a main tournament at EVO (alongside SFV). Is/was it great? For sure. But it’s the past. The spotlights should be placed on the modern games. The past/older games should be relegated to smaller side tournaments.


well, I’m not the Cannon’s; so I can’t honestly answer that question. But let’s run with your point for a moment.

Hypothetical scenario: Say at Evo two years from now (Evo 2020) they made the decision to remove Melee from the main tournament list and relegate it to a side event. The question would then be how much of an attendance drop to the event/people watching streams would there be if this happened, along with pushback from a certain percentage of the Smash community through various forms of social media. Let’s also keep in mind that each of those tournaments the past couple of years (Smash 4/Melee) has been say a 2k person bracket each year. It then turns into, do we want to turn away people who want to compete who would give us money to register to attend; and in turn bring revenue into Las Vegas via flying into the city and staying in hotels on or off the strip (into the casinos as well if they’re of age). There’s seriously a lot to be considered here.