Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, it still burns


On unrelated news, I just modded an original NES Zapper to work with NES Zapper games that has a LCDMOD patch applied to it. I got my Zapper to work with my LCD HDTV.

It’s only really working due to the simplistic nature of the NES Zapper.
I did’t take pics but here a articles on the subject


Had to check my profile and some random posts to figure out how long I’ve been around here. 9 years and change is my best guess. Had to figure out how to get a Happ stick after SFIV dropped. DIdn’t have a clue what Happ/iL even meant. Since then I’ve painted and mirror polished a few cases, put together a few wireless dual mod sticks (thanks Gummo), learned to solder SMD parts, spent waaaaaay more on a custom stainless steel case than I’ll tell my wife (thanks to 'Tech), went to Otakon ('sup darksakul!), linked up with a template savant and shipped a project to the Philippines (d3v, you’re my guy until I get too old to play anymore) and have more Rowlf swag than I imagined (thanks to jdm’s randomly researched SS gift and Kyle running with it for a few consecutive years). Shrimp chips, Dremel pillows and anime figurines. Wouldn’t trade any of it (or any of you all) for the world.


We need to get into the steering wheel meta.


that’s pretty wild that he can play that character at that high a competitive level with a arcade wheel.

So a couple of things have popped off recently. A friend I know who lives in the greater Chicagoland area scored a NeoGeo Candy Cab, and he plans on restoring it. Of course, I’m extremely jealous of said friend.

Secondly, I’m waiting on a couple of things to come in so I can quickly plan my trip to Combo Breaker next year, provided they have the tournament of course. The plan is once dates are announced (I’m hoping later this month) to book my flight out of Dallas along with probably staying within close proximity of the host hotel. If the money is there, I can do all of this at the same time. However, I am not sure if Mrs. Mike will be coming with me to the event yet. i’m being allowed one solo trip next year to any gaming event that I want (within reason of course). So if the dates do get announced soon, I have to move quickly and get everything done.

Oh, and someone local to my wife’s place is selling a original Bad Dudes cabinet for $450. I’m really tempted to get it.


So is anyone into the MISTer fpga thing? I bought one and this is pretty damn cool. Its got most 8 bit systems running, snes and megadrive are coming along nicely, and People are working on neo geo and cps cores.
Its open source too


happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American TTers!

If you’re @d3v or live outside the US, happy Thursday.

Don’t get bodied if you go Black Friday shopping tomorrow.


I’ve always wanted to head to the US for Black Friday shopping.

In Canada here, we’ve adopted Black Friday as an event, so we get some deals and stuff across most of our stores. But nothing to the degree of what I hear of what’s available in the US.

One of these years, I’ll head down to the US for Black Friday. Though my wife consistently tells me I’m crazy and has already refused to go with me.


if anyone wanted to see the new razer buttons


I owned myself with bad translation.


No it isn’t. It’s still a Razer (Kailhua) switch.


I owned myself again.


Didn’t need to manually translate. Machine translation says as much.

Also, the switch itself says “Razer” in the photo.


It looks like it’s still replaceable, though, but you’ll need to desolder the switch from the PCB. Is this how pushbuttons with keyboard mechanical switches normally are? I don’t own any and never used any.

I also wonder what the extra rows of solder points on the PCB are for?..


Gamerfingers had switches friction mounted and the pins of the switch made contact with larger metal pieces in the button housing that acted as .110 quick disconnects. OBS-MX actually solders switches to a board and has wires with male quick disconnects on them.

If I had to guess, those extra contacts are for razer chroma if they ever make a clear edition.


Your wife is right on this one.


Well Cherry Switches, and clones of Cherry switches has a space for a LED.
I wonder if its for possible LED lights, maybe addressable LED lights


More pictures of the new Razer stick. Would like to see the guts, but w/e. Buttons use spacers like the TE2+. Artwork is easy to change, template is on Razer’s site if anyone wants to have fun with that. The control panel seems interesting looks like it detaches from the main panel. A noir layout will probably fit fine, but not sure about a hitbox.


Someone’s gonna have to take that switch/PCB assembly apart to see how it’s set up. Might be that it’s already designed with contacts for light up on activation.


just wanted to say that I was sorry for what I posted the other day about the Razer buttons. I had been up for a very long time (20+ hours) and combine that with a short amount of time during break to post, and well; you get the picture.

The button still looks decent and I can’t wait to see what people come up with for these as far as mods go!


While not fight stick related, I got into redesigning some NES cart labels

What you guys think?