Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, RIP MarkMan's #BeardStache


On the plus side, all their arcade sticks are usable on the PS5 for both PS4/PS5 games.
On the other hand, all the padhacked Hori Minis and Fighting Commanders will only be usable for PS4 games on the PS5. :\

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Yeah im getting conflicting translations of the legend. Everything in red will work with ps5 titles? Have also been told the green stuff requires firmware update.
No vlx kuro or hayabusa mentioned though, maybe they just dont list all their sticks.

Right, didn’t catch that the VLX Kuro isn’t on the list (and I have a Kuro!).
Looks like everything marked with a O will be PS4/PS5, everything with a triangle is PS4-game-only on a PS5, everything marked with an X is not supported at all on the PS5.

There is the note about the firmware update at the bottom, but I figured that’d be the case anyways…

Well it seems its completely upto the manufacterer of a peripheral wether it wants to have it support ps5 games. From what i can tell its all the devices in the higher pricebrackets that get ps5 support. I cant imagine there beeing any technical differentces between the later fc4 pcbs and the arcade stick pcbs. It will be intresting to see what other brands do

Phantomnaut did some PS5 Dualsense lag testing


I didn’t get myself a PS5 yet (I will eventually), but my brother did, and I got to try it out at his place over the weekend.

I still don’t like the physical design of the console, and I’m not a fan of the new home/menu (it’s really cluttered, and reminds me too much of the XBO dashboard in the sense that they’re force-feeding you a community and a upsell ads). But I gotta say that I’m pretty impressed with the DualSense controller:
It felt pretty solid, is decently heavy, the buttons and shoulder buttons feel good. The touchpad will probably used poorly just like on the PS4. The adaptive triggers were really interesting as well. The new rumble motors are really cool too (when Nintendo put their “HD Rumble” motors in their Switch Joycons and Pro Controller, for sure Sony was going to include them in their next controller).

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Looking forward to getting a PS5 as well, but likely not this year. First off, I need a new TV. Been waiting for an OLED to come down to a reasonable level. The 55" LG CX looks like what I want from size and price. Assuming there’s a bonus in site from work, that may get purchased. My plasma TV has served me well, but 720p won’t quite cut it with the new console.

By time I am ready to get the PS5, I’m hoping the side panels are available in black, the expandable SSD storage is online, and there are more games I really want to play. Right now, Miles Morales is the only title that piques my interest, and I just beat that on the PS4 the other day, so I’m fine waiting. As long as I’m all set up by time Forbidden West drops, I’ll be fine.

PS1 and PS2 I managed to get opening day with little drama (pre-order was great, and fewer responsibilities) PS3 and PS4 I waited on, and don’t feel like I missed out. PS5 will be much the same.

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Hey guys, long time no see!
I have an opportunity for the FGC in Canada, I’d like to have some feedback:

Brook approached me and are looking to expand in Canada.
I’m still a really tiny store I’m doing in my spare time, and I had the feeling the FGC is slowly dying since a year or two. It may revive on next gen, but it’s a bit frighting for me to invest in stock I’d never sell.
Any feedback would be appreciated, especially from my fellow canucks.



You can stomach the invesment (and this is different for each person), my vote is to take the leap.

We are absolutely in a downswing in the FGC, Smash Ultimate and Grand Blue Vs did not add the influx of new players and new $$$ as much as I thought they would. So if you get in now and ride an upswing wave (if it should happen) then the invesment will have paid off.

If you would pretty much be “risking the farm” to invest, then hard pass. If Smash and CyGames/TenCent buku bucks arent’ moving the needle I don’t know will. Blizzard making a fighting game?!?!?! Also there isn’t a “killer app” in the retro scene where Brook does some of their business too. Still appreciate all that they’re doing to make my retro gaming great, but its a very niche market.

Just my $0.02, good luck either way.

P.S. Can I still buy those easy modding PCBs that go under TE sticks’ control panel?


I’m going to lean to agree with @Feargus001100.

Unfortunately, the fighting games (the bulk of Brook’s boards’ users) aren’t at the same point now as they were when SF4 and MvC3 were in their prime.

  • SFV is nowhere near as big/popular as SF4
  • MvC:I is nowhere near as big/popular as MvC3
  • Smash, as popular as it is, is played with a controller
  • I don’t think people are going out of their way for custom/modded sticks for DBFZ, BBTAG, UNICLR, GB VS, MK11, Tekken 7, DoA6, etc.

It is sad to say that our niche corner of gaming is drying up badly.
I’ll come around again at some point for sure; “when” is the question.


My worries are not about money (I’ve a steady job and a correct pay). But more about: I need to bought a retail box of 50 UFBs and I sell a total of 6 within a year, and then if the UFB is not compatible with the PS5, what am I going to do with hardly sellable 44 UFBs?

Right now the two questions are “Is the canadian market is big enough to worth the investment?” and “Do I have enough exposure to be able to sell the stock I’ll buy?”

We saw Tek-innovations and Jasen closing their doors recently (for personal reason, though), bigger than I ever will be, and they were for the US market, way bigger than the Canada. To me if I don’t have a lot of traction right now in Canada it’s a big warning flag. Thus I’m trying to get feedbacks or at least interest.
And from the very little traction I’m getting from my twitter, I guess it’s answering both.

PS: I sold the PCB rights (intellectual property, plans and rights to sell) to Jasens’ Customs so he could add it to his EZ mod products’ line. Now I’d need to re-buy the rights from him, and again, and I don’t think it would get return on my investment.


Got it RE the money, and totally makes sense about will or won’t the UFB’s be next gen compatible… and then you’re stuck with them :unamused:

I don’t see the trend of Sony and MS bricking unofficial controllers stopping.

We just need that KILLER APP and it’ll feel like 09 and XBone/PS4 launch times all over again.

First enthusiasts will be pad hacking official controllers, maybe with some kind of easy mod daughter board like @Phreakazoid 's Crossbone in the past

Then cheap 3rd party official controllers will come out, and promptly get pad hacked

Then dedicated PCBs are made like those from Akishop and Brook

(Maybe it won’t be bad as last gen, seeing some support from Hori for current gen gear on next gen consoles, but still… no killer app, nobody cares)

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Until the next SF4/MvC3 comes along, it’s going to be pretty slow.

I never really did go to many locals here in Montreal, but the few that I’ve gone to (for SFV and DBFZ), I would say <10% of people attending were using modded/custom sticks. Most were stock sticks (at most with color-swapped buttons), or controllers.

Mind you, the pandemic doesn’t help either. With everyone stuck at home for the most part, and netcode being the way it is for various games, I’d think that more people are grinding out their backlog of single-player games instead…


quality sticks dont sell in numbers, but people are buying those pandora box sticks in droves, crazy…


I’d snag one of these the next time eBay has a decent promo/coupon code

For BBQ’s, tailgating, brick and mortar camp outs for RTX 3070/PS3/Wii/Tickle Me Elmo, oh wait it’s 2020 and we don’t do that stuff anymore :cry:


I kinda want to gut it and put a MiSTer inside of it


At $130 I would too, at $230 may have to keep it stock for a minute.

Gonna make a saved search for used ones now tho :crossed_fingers:

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Sanwa upgradable confirmed

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Look whats coming to the MiSTer

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