Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition season VI, RIP MarkMan's #BeardStache

Yes they are switching to a new system and it’s all messed up a.t.m. I got about 25 emails last night and spoke to susan. She assured me everything is fine. I thought at first someone stole my identity and was buying stuff lol.

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I only got one email from Paradise, but that’s probably because I’ve only ever made one order from them. :slight_smile:


Very random question: for those who have watched The Mandalorian, is there any way to buy a standard joystick lever balltop of the Razor Crest’s shifter ball that The Child keeps stealing? It’d definitely be nice to have one machined out of aluminum or something.

I found a guy who makes them out of aluminum, but he sized it at 38mm for screen accuracy, so it doesn’t match up with a standard arcade balltop at 35mm. Also, the hole threading wouldn’t match either (but an adapter is probably possible, though maybe ugly-looking)

38mm isn’t that much bigger, plus there 40mm balltops out there.

You could probably drill and tap the ball for it to fit a joystick.
Maybe a helix coil, depending on the size already

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Funnily enough one of my previous orders to PAS was for some big ballz, got an LB-45 and LB-49

Their huge, but a fun change of pace, lever throws are much lighter given all the mass at the top of the joystick, and probably also because you’re going to be using more of your arm than your wrist to do inputs given your palming a medium sized orange :orange_circle:

I probably put a stronger spring if you use that ball top

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Looks like the one I linked is already drilled and tapped for M16, whereas standard balltops are M6 and JLW/bat-tops are M10, if I’m not mistaken.
I guess an adapter is possible, but will look kind of ugly.

I’m not even much of a ball-top user either way; I’m more comfortable with bat-tops. But I just think this concept is cool. If I was still driving a car with a ball-top shifter, I’d buy this guy’s 50mm one for car-shifters (I had replaced the one in my previous car with a 4-star Dragon Ball).


Decided I needed to maintain some USB Install OS and Recovery drives, after I had to reinstall windows after some OS corruption. I uses keytags to label what they were in case I need to find them again. As I got a whole bunch of extra drives. The extra USB install drive is going to a friend for their PC Build.

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How’s the RX 6800 running on a fresh install of W10?

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Better, I didn’t know how much bloat was on my system.
I also was running a Insider test build instead of the current stable build of Win 10

Although I did clean the old Nvidia drivers before hand, installing one driver broke my Boot up and had to wipe my primary drive and start clean. Good thing I keep the build of my personal files backed up on external drives. It was one of the fastest Installs I ever did once I got the Installer put on a USB drive.

I just realized I misspelled Installation on those keytags, shit.

Rehashing my gaming on a 4:3 monitor idea.

Was gonna let it die, but then I came across this on my local CL:

Walked away from one last year at $130, this one’s $80, checking it out tomorrow, hopefully it’s in as good of shape as advertised. :crossed_fingers:

=== 1-14-21 update ===

Monitor was as advertised in great condition, no dead pixels or dark spots. Cleaned off what little dust was on it, previous owner took really good care of this monitor. Then jerry-rigged it to my Switch for some quick tests. It’s looking good already, but I’m sure it’ll be even better hooked up to my PC for some Fightcade goodness, and XRGB-2plus for retro console action, can’t wait for the long weekend to set everything up!

Quick Pics

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