Best unblockable setup ever!



anti air jab, strong Aegis, Low Roundhouse, Forward Knee Drop, walk forward, toward Forward, etc.



Psht. The Tyrant Slaughter Meter Hog is the best unblockable in the history of gaming. Period.



I use this one:

needs full SAIII meter

c.Fierce, Short Tackle xx EX Aegis xx Fierce Aegis, Roundhouse Knee Drop, c.Fierce then step back a bit, Short or Forawrd Tackle

They land under the Fierce Aegis right before it forms and when you do the Knee Drop it puts you RIGHT behind them and the Aegis smack in the middle of them. Perfect setup for unblockable abuse :smiley:


except that you could have just done the basic cr. FP, tackle XX FP aegis, tackle, RH knee unblockable and you wouldn’t have wasted the extra aegis


Hehehe didnt think of that. Thanks for the tip.