Best USB stick for PC?

Any recommendations? I want a usb one thats decent for mame and nfba play.



After owning and modding hrap1 & 2, I can say that the, personally, VFHG stomps them :woot:

It’s practically the most accurate japanese stick out-of-the-box with no modifications needed, unless you want a Seimitsu stick instead of a Sanwa JLF.

EDIT: Hey Amul this is 187 from 3s the other day :slight_smile:

HRAP2 modded with Sanwa buttons and button plugs on L1 and L2 > the VSHG due to the VSHG non-standard button mappings

For sure this is a minor issue if your playing on PS3 because you’d have to switch button inputs in some option menu vs playing right from the screen, but I think if your going to be using it for PC use, it is not a factor at all.

And not to mention with HRAP, you not only have to switch out the buttons for 6 Sanwa 30mms, and 2 button caps for the end.

Another factor would be if you like heavy or light sticks, personally, I love how the stick is a “slimmer” design then HRAP, yet having more weight to it.

Here are some visuals top-down:

In concluding, I also realized HRAP has extra unnecessary Turbos that can be removed, if desired, by modding. I was never a big fan of that. The peak of VFHG’s design is simplicity(not to mention size) and how it cuts out many unneeded things such as extra buttons.

MarkMan from does an amazing job in reviewing both the HRAP and VFHG here:

Keep in mind the ‘input issue’ with the VFHG has already been hotfixed through PS3 online or whatever they use.

Hope this helps.

hori EX2?

I personally prefer the Virtua Stick HG. I have one, and it works fine with just about all the emulators I have. and other PC games too. (melty blood, Guilty Gear, etc) it fits well on the computer desk. the buttons are good, and the stick is good too. all custom sanwa without any modding. though I modded mine anyway because it’s what I do.

I want one of these, but the shipping is hella expensive (around 50 bucks!).

Anything worse that will get me by? Or are there places where I can buy the hrap3 or vf high grade locally in SF? Are there even stores that carry them?

Hey des can you let me know what you finaly decide on and the results when you get it ?

Off topic, VSHG, can be modded with LS32-01 right?

I will but right now I’m not too keen on paying 50 bucks for shipping.

I don’t really plan on playing competitively (since I haven’t in a few years) but now with CPS3 emulation I just want a decent stick to play on nfba here and there.

I can’t justify spending 130 or so with shipping for a stick at the moment.

Which is why I’d like to know places that carry sticks like the vfhg locally…

I can sell you my custom stick made by Dreaded Fist. Used the thing maybe 20 times , in great condition. PM me and I’ll send you pics and we can talk price.

I can’t think of anywhere in the SF Bay Area you could pick one up, but even if there was you know they would jack up the price to cover their own shipping costs. $130 for the VSHG isn’t bad at all, considering getting a HRAP3 shipped, even from somewhere in CA, will probably total about the same amount, and you would be getting Hori buttons instead of Sanwa ones. There is only one place I can think of that has a cheap price:

Their customer service is really bad and slow though. That page used to have a forum riddled with bad customer service stories but they got rid of all of it. I personally ordered one from them and it took about 2 and a half weeks for them to get it from San Diego to Daly City.

VSHG is an awesome stick; I just got a new one off eBay for $100 shipped, and it is great for the PC, in addition to taking VF5 on the PS3 to a new level, even vs. my other PS3 stick (Hori FS3).

Yes, apparently, but it takes a little work and is irreversible.

Theres a import shop in San Jose called User’s Side that sells the HRAP3 and VSGH for about $90

Is this 100% confirmed for T5DR? I haven’t tried it on the last 2-3 firmware updates, but last I remember the 3 or more input issue was still there. I’m lazy to go through all my arcade sticks and actually test it… if someone else can confirm I’ll be more than glad to test it out…

I hope you guys found my reviews for both sticks useful!

What about its performance on the PC ? People were reporting trouble doing stuff in A2 with their VSHGs no ? Since this thread does seem to be about sticks that work on the PC, I don’t see how mentioning the fix of the issue for the PS3 only is relevant.

This has been the only thing keeping me buying a VSHG till now.

On the topic of USB sticks, how does the Salubi fare?
I’m just looking for a stick to play MB and emu’s with mostly. I already have a stick and converter but it appears to not work.

if you like korean sticks, then get the Saulubi and mod it. You can get genuine Fanta sticks and Crown buttons from laugh. Shipping will be a bitch though.