Best use of EX meter for F.A.N.G?

It’s pretty rare in this game to see Critical Arts, as EX attacks are usually considered a better option. However, I just don’t see the appeal of F.A.N.G’s EX attacks, in fact the only one I use is EX Escape Slide when I’m cornered - and even then, I prefer to use V-Reversal if possible. The rest of the time, I sit on 3 stacks waiting for a Critical Art opportunity, as a combo finisher or reversal.

How do you spend meter with him ? Should I use EX attacks more often ?

His 2 bar combos (ex trap into ex lunge) racks up a lot of stun, optimally over 600. Ex lunge is pretty fast and safe, making it great for footsies or if you botch a hit confirm. Ex upball can give you free jumpins to a degree plus slide shenanigans, and gives you a semi safe confirm combo off of low and

Ex slide operates mostly the same as vreversal so it just depends on the context. Ex trap can eat up to 4 projectile hits, launches, can be used for AA setups, and pretty good for general zoning sometimes.

ex sotoja can set great oki vs recovery options(hk dash > 2mk beats both and counter hit 3f moves) , -3 on block but if they like to jab after doing 2mk will whiff punish it (no enough range for lights , looses to mediums) u can go fo VT sweep or VT 2mp>lp sotoja (distance dependent)